Gazprom-Media Holding


The money in the pocket to Maxim Liksutov will arrive on the subway


The head of the Moscow Department of Transport, Maxim Liksutov, will now profit from one more state corporation.

Comedy Club is not a joke: how the writers went to competitors


Tele-holdings continue to attract staff from each other. In September, screenwriters belonging to Gazprom-Media Comedy Club moved to work at CTC Media. Earlier STS stars were the stars of TNT Sergey Svetlakov and Alexander Nezlobin.

The decision to block Yandex.Video is a precedent for the media industry in Russia


The search engine is ordered to block access to all search output of four TV series "Gazprom-Media".

Mikhail Lesin was recognized dead by an accident during a binge


The FBI published a report on the causes of Mikhail Lesin's death.

The advertising market has grown faster than the Russian economy


Expenditure on the promotion of companies in the Russian media over the past year increased by 11%.

Gazprom-Media invested hundreds of millions of rubles in the Viking


First Channel's project will be released in two weeks.

Mikhail Lesin died of wounds, not heart attack


US medical experts named the cause of death of the former Minister of Press.

"I can do anything": what is remembered about former press minister Mikhail Lesin


The former press minister and, until recently, one of the most influential people in the Russian media market Mikhail Lesin, has passed away. 

Sochi springboard


How Dmitry Chernyshenko will take the lead over Gazprom-media.

The founder of STS is the main contender for the purchase of Vedomosti


Peter Hervey may soon acquire the assets of Sanoma Independent Media publishing house for resale to Gazprom-Media Holding or the National Media Group.

Return of the heavyweight: how Mikhail Lesin controls the media market


For four years the current head of Gazprom-Media Holding Mikhail Lesin has been on the sidelines. whether Has he retained the status of an informal man on the wheel of the Russian media?