Oleg Deripaska throws the Moscow land overboard


The company controlled by the oligarch Glavstroy will sell two major projects in the Russian capital. The likely buyer will be the PIK Group Sergei Gordeev.

Sergei Gordeev spent $ 150 million on Moscow's disastrous place


The PIK Group acquired a long-term shopping center project at Paveletsky Station in Moscow. Another 150 million dollars to be invested in its construction, at least.

The largest real estate developer in Russia will lease real estate


The PIK Group invests up to 500 million rubles in the service for the selection of apartments.

The Moscow government will impose developers a natural tax on renovation


Private developers will give at a cost of Moscow to 600 thousand square meters of housing, which will be used in the capital's "renovation". The real benefit for commercial developers is to obtain a guaranteed financial flow.

Businessman Danil Khachaturov can sell a plot in the north of Moscow


The businessman intends to sell his last property in Moscow.

Housing developers from July 1 will raise prices for apartments


Developers are pushing Russians to invest more actively in permanently cheaper housing.

Capital Group intercepted the projects of the PIK Group in Moscow "for renovation"


After a departure from the Russian affairs of Vladislav Doronin from his scandalous partner Paul Teo, business in Moscow went uphill. Capital Group squeezes into a cuttingaway-otkatnuyu epic called "renovation of the housing stock of Moscow" and is ready to profitably exchange projects for themselves.

Moscow renovation is canceled after the election of Sergei Sobyanin


The loud program of the Moscow renovation ended on a porcelain 400 billion rubles from the unspent balances on the accounts of the Moscow government. Money for the remaining 15 years of renovation there is no place to take.

Vadim Ishutin leaves the house


The businessman sold Voronezh management company PIK-comfort.

Developers build up Russia with poor housing


In their opinion, Russians can not buy something better than at home of outdated series and slightly ennobled "Khrushchev."

Pavel Te and Sergei Gordeev will build up the Moscow industrial zone


Capital Group together with GC "PIK" will build 300 000 square meters of housing on Ryazan Avenue.

Pavel Te rebuffs Muscovites


Capital Group scandalous businessman Pavel Te decided to participate in the renovation of housing. And I am ready to transfer 100 thousand square meters for immigrants. Criminals and officials divide the capital among themselves?

The Moscow authorities decided to build 10 million square meters of real estate around the Moscow Ring Road


10 mln square meters of real estate will be built on the lands adjacent to the Moscow Ring Road. This could be the largest construction project in the capital after the renovation project. Profitability of the project is low, experts warn.

Moscow developers ranked


In New Moscow, 90% of apartments are sold by ten largest companies.