GK "Region"


Igor Sechin's friends took up collection business


The Cyprus company Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT & I) has knocked out assets from Boris Mintz and Maxim Blazhko without noise and dust.

Roman Avdeev and Igor Sechin ate the development empire of Boris Mints


O1 Properties Boris Mintz changed the owner.

FG "Future" will give a debt to the Cyprus offshore of Roman Avdeev


The debt of Boris Mints corporation in the amount of 1.67 billion rubles sailed to Cyprus.

The Region group Fund received 3.5 hectares previously owned by Yukos in the center of Moscow


The GK Region Foundation received 3.5 hectares in the center of Moscow, formerly owned by Yukos. On them, Ingrad developer Roman Avdeev will build a residential block.

GC Region can get seats in the board of directors of the pharmacy chain 36.6


The group is known for a good connection with Rosneft.

The last state insurer passed into private hands


The last state-owned insurance company (GSK) - Yugoria - changes the owner. On Wednesday, an auction was held, which won the group of companies "Region" Alexander Rudyk.

Owner O1 Group Boris Mintz with his family went to London


His O1 Properties is likely to be taken by a company that is associated with GC Region and Rosneft.

Rossium surrendered the land


The Roman Avdeev concern sold the non-strategic agroholding to the Region group of companies.

Where the money flowed from Vneshprombank


While the DIA is looking for assets associated with bankrupt Vneshprombank, others get the most valuable assets first.