Google Inc. Американская компания. Основана 1998 году. В настоящее время Google является дочерней компанией Alphabet Inc. Штаб-квартира располагается в Маунтин-Вью (США). Род деятельности: Google специализируется в сфере интернета, осуществляет разработку и поддержку одноименной поисковой системы, а также различного программного обеспечения и интернет-сервисов. В 2014 году году чистая прибыль составила 14,44 миллиарда долларов. В штате числится 53 600 человек. Официальный сайт

Roskomnadzor fined Google 700,000 rubles


The search engine does not remove links to prohibited sites in Russia.

Google does not filter


Roskomnadzor wants to fine it for the fact that the search engine is not connected to the monitoring system of blocked sites in Russia.

Google agreed to raise the retirement age in Russia


Google blocked advertising rallies of Alexei Navalny against pension reform.

State-oligarchic search engines blocked Telegram


The site of the telegram that was blocked in Russia was not available in the search output of and Sputnik, but is visible in the search for Google and Yandex.

Amazon banned Telegram from using its network to bypass locks


Amazon has forbidden developers to use their own domain to bypass locks. Earlier, Google did the same, but then it was not affected by Telegram's ability to bypass the lock.

The Telegram block can cost $ 2 billion


Of these, half will have to Russian companies, another $ 1 billion will account for the losses of Amazon and Google.

Yandex for the year increased the search share in runet to 56.5%


Quarterly revenue of the Internet company grew by 29%.

Roskomnadzor began blocking Google


Google allows the Telegram messenger to use its IP addresses to bypass the lock, explained in Roskomnadzor. In this regard, Roskomnadzor has entered a number of IP-addresses of Google into the register of prohibited information.

For the prohibition of Zello Roskomnadzor blocks the ip-addresses of Google in Russia


The fight against the Internet radio set entered the hottest season.

Who will pay "Google tax"?


The first 100 Internet companies have agreed to pay "the Google tax", possibly from their users' pockets.

The Russian government may slow down access to websites of the companies that violated the Russian law


In that way, the officials want to force foreign companies to carry out the decisions of Russian courts and agencies.

Smartphones and the ruble rate


Why the shares of Yandex are falling down. 

Mamut will pay another $295 million for Internet holding Rambler&Co


It was a condition of his deal with Vladimir Potanin.

iTunes and Google Play are subject of foreign ownership law


They will be forced to ask the commission on foreign investment to make an exclusion.

Orthodox businessman Boiko-Veliky suing Google for slander


The entrepreneur demands to remove the publication on Blogspot blogging platform.