Government of Great Britain


The British authorities do not associate poisoning under Salisbury with the "business of the Violins"


The British authorities have traditionally suspected the Russian Federation.

In London called the number of defendants in the case of unproven wealth


The British authorities are conducting an investigation against 120-140 foreign nationals whose origin is suspicious. Most of them are from Russia.

Why British parliamentarians suspect a New Zealand investor in relations with Russian intelligence


Deputies were interested in the role of Christopher Chandler in promoting Brexit, and stumbled upon compromising documents during the period when he was doing business in Russia.

The money of Russian oligarchs lies in the British offshore


The Times disclosed the amount of funds Russians in the British offshore in the Cayman Islands and the Virgin Islands.

Scotland Yard revealed new details of the "The Case of the Skripals"


Poisoning began at the threshold of their house in Salisbury.

In the poisoning of Sergei Skripal found a Russian trace


The Prime Minister of Great Britain, Theresa May, considers the authorities of the Russian Federation either involved in the assassination attempt or having lost control over their chemical weapons.

Russian oligarchs will be deprived of property


In the UK, arrests of property of oligarchs from the former USSR began.

The UK will complicate the life of Russian nouveaux riches


English Queen Elizabeth II allowed to seize the real estate objects, which owners cannot explain the source of funds.