Government of St. Petersburg


Maksim Sokolov's friends washed money at the "Marine Facade"


Whom the vice-governor of Sokolov helps to make millions.

Millions were cut into letters: everyone criticizes the new logo of St. Petersburg


The new logo of St. Petersburg has been criticized by users of social networks and specialists, some of them suggest returning the old logo created by Artemy Lebedev for 1 ruble.

German Gref and Victor Vekselberg invest in governors


The regional election was won by the proteges of Sberbank, NAMK and Renova.

Alexander Beglov's doctoral thesis was written by someone else’s hand.


Plagiarism was not found, but another person could write the work, suggested the co-founder of the community, Professor Andrei Rostovtsev.

Alexander Beglov was deaf to the signals "Metrostroy"


The authorities of St. Petersburg are bringing up the situation with the delivery of new metro stations to a dead end because of the decision to break contracts with Metrostroy, the company said. Smolny terminated contracts due to non-performance of contracts.

Above or below the Neva: the designers of the VSD choose between the tunnel and the bridge


Until the end of 2019, the authorities of St. Petersburg and the designers of the Eastern High-Speed ​​Diameter will determine what will be the crossing of the highway through the Neva - above-water or underwater. Which of the officials responsible for the decision of the officials of Smolny most dreams of a ride through the tunnel and how much it will cost.

50% of budget funds allocated for children's recreation were mastered by two travel companies affiliated with each other


50% of the allocated budget funds have mastered the structures, affiliated with the brothers. It is noteworthy that Sergei Gumen previously worked in the administration of the Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg.

Smolny requires 2.9 billion rubles from the general contractor for the St. Petersburg stadium in court


Smolny requires 2,9 billion rubles from the general contractor of the arena in court.

The housing market in St. Petersburg has experienced a slight surge in consumer activity


In St. Petersburg in the first half of 2018, the number of concluded equity agreements has increased, and in the Leningrad Region the market is overstocked and falling. Further prospects for the northern capital of the Russian Federation are also not encouraging.

The billiards will pour into the ferry operator


The creation of a shipping company with headquarters in St. Petersburg is estimated at 8.4 billion rubles.

Glorax Development has started to hunt for co-investors


Scandalous developer Andrew Birzhin of Glorax Development will build a dubious residential property in St. Petersburg.

Scandalous developer Andrey Birzhin tries to hide behind China


The last refuge of the Russian businessman is telling stories about mythical Chinese investors.

Scandalous developer Andrey Birzhin is trying to clean up his reputation


Glorax Development (part of the Glorax Group) has started construction of the Golden City LCD business class in the alluvial territories of the Vasilievsky Island in St. Petersburg. In order to prevent the buyers from suspecting anything, the reputation of the company is being actively promoted by the media.

Radium Institute in St. Petersburg has radiation leaks


For five years, the St. Petersburg nuclear scientists have been hiding radioactive leaks.

Vitaly Yuzhilin will create an island of fools in St. Petersburg


The administration of St. Petersburg first said the hydraulic fill on the Vasilevsky island was an illegal deposit by the Terra Nova company, and then changed its mind. However, the hydraulic fill is still fragile and unprepared for use in the construction of residential houses.

St. Petersburg stadium worth 45 billion rubles is unsuitable for games


Head coach of "Zenith" Mircha Luchesku said that the field of the new stadium in St. Petersburg is not suitable even for training. The appalling quality of the lawn was also mentioned by the general manager of the club, Maxim Mitrofanov.

Friendship vs. Poltavchenko


Attempts to "grant" St. Isaac's Cathedral to the Russian Orthodox Church have left their mark on the St. Petersburg's governor. Taking this opportunity, the former colleagues start blaming Poltavchenko, too. 

How much is the most expensive stadium in Russia


How Poltavchenko, Albin, Deripaska and others spent more than $1 billion for the construction of a mega-stadium in St. Petersburg.

Cradle of restitution


St. Petersburg authorities have decided to transfer the St. Isaac's Cathedral to the Russian Orthodox Church. 

Trampoline Arena


The Fifa Commission refused to accept the Zenit-Arena play field: it vibrates too much.

Smolny and Prigozhin will fight for Eliseevsky


Kremlin restaurateur Yevgeny Prigozhin demands to sell the Eliseevsky store store for 530 million rubles, 300 million less than the state price. Governor Poltavchenko ordered to fight to the end.

Hostels have been shown a red card


Petersburg hostels will not be able to receive tourists during the World Cup in 2018.

St. Isaac's Cathedral will be a museum


St. Petersburg authorities have refused to transfer the cathedral to the Russian Orthodox Church. 

How the government agencies will celebrate the New Year


This year, state customers are going to spend nearly 10 times less money on the New Year corporate parties than a year before, as estimated by the All-Russia People's Front.

Budget money went along dangerous roads


In St. Petersburg, the auditors found irregularities in the transport construction in the amount of 14 billion rubles.

Arteev left his office because of the stadium and "Fontanka"


Another loud resignation in Smolny: the head of the construction committee Andrei Arteev is leaving his post.