Government of Ukraine


Gas is near, yet so far


The main asset of Gazprom in Ukraine will calmly flow beyond any arrests. 

Who was the killer of Voronenkov


Rosbalt found out the details of the biography of the killer, testifying about his possible connection with the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Denis Voronenkov's killer is withdrawn from the conspiracy


Pavel Parshov proved to be a citizen of Ukraine.

The Russian banks in Ukraine are deprived of the capital


Russian banks at risk of losing business in Ukraine.

The Russian government asked Usmanov and Mordashov to help Donbass


The government recommended metallurgical holdings to consider iron ore supplies to companies in the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, as RBC found out. The plants there were left without raw materials after the introduction of Ukrainian blockade of railway communication with the self-proclaimed republics.

Kiev put an end to the Russian capital infusion


Subsidiares of the state banks of Russia cannot hope for any development.

Naftogaz acknowledged the threat of loss of Ukraine's gas transit


Europe will end up face-to-face with Gazprom, if it didn't invest in the Ukrainian gas transportation system, warned the head of Naftogaz.

"The budget of several wars": how Ukraine will spend $30 billion in 2017


On Wednesday morning, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted the state budget for 2017, which is linked to the IMF tranche in January 2017. The government said the document was "social", the experts called it "the security budget".  

Iskanders laughed


Ukraine is trying to create modern tactical missiles.