Holding Mail.Ru Group


German Gref Pile Up on a Scooter


A joint venture between Sberbank and Mail.ru Group may buy a stake in Samokat, one of the largest express delivery services, within a month, Forbes sources say, the parties to the potential deal do not comment on a possible partnership.

Yandex pulled into the partners of piracy Gazprom Media and Mail.ru Group


"Yandex" asked the Moscow City Court to recruit Mail.ru Group and Rutube as third parties for the lawsuit filed by Gazprom-Media TV channels against Yandex about piracy.

Alibaba will be closer to Russian users


Alibaba Group, Megafon, Mail.ru Group and RFPI created AliExpress Russia. The joint venture will become the largest online retailer in Russia, outperforming the competitor from Sberbank, Yandex, VTB and the Russian Post.

Alisher Usmanov will hide Vkontakte users from FSB


Within a month, the largest Russian social network "In Contact" will change the rules of privacy and introduce the opportunity to make the profile completely private, leaving access only to its friends.

Mail.Ru Group will receive the right to share in the capital of the taxi service "Wezet"


The parties agreed that Mail.Ru will provide the partner with a loan, which in the future will be able to convert into "Lucky" shares.

The developers of photographic application Prisma will invest a million dollars in social network with artificial intelligence


Among investors are US funds General Catalyst, KPCB and Russian Mail.Ru Group.

VKontakte is disputing personal data of users


The dispute between VKontakte and the technological startup of Double LLC is the first case of the Big Data era in Russia, in which issues of intellectual property, personal data, unfair competition and Internet freedom are closely intertwined.

Mail.ru Group will have new co-owners


This is Rostek and Gazprombank.

The case is closed: how the founders of Russian companies went out of business


February 16, as part of the Sochi investment forum, the founder of the Magnit chain of stores announced the sale of a 29.1% stake in VTB Group. The businessman explained his decision by saying that "investors do not quite see the future as a founder". As the founders of Russian companies went out of business - in the review of RBC.

Alisher Usmanov hit on eSports


Mail.ru Group will launch a cybersport league. Earlier, Alisher Usmanov invested $ 100 million in the tournament organizer Virtus.Pro.

Forbes included Milner in the list of 100 greatest business minds of our time


Billionaire Yuri Milner became the only Russian who entered the list of 100 greatest business minds of our time, compiled by the American magazine Forbes. The ranking also includes Paul McCartney, Giorgio Armani and others.

Internet is breathing down the neck of the TV


The advertising market is predicted to reach a record volume.

Mail.ru Group has grown by 19.2%


Internet company increased its quarterly revenue to 13.24 billion rubles.

The shareholders of Megafon approved the purchase of control in Mail.ru from Usmanov's USM


The operator will pay $740 million for 63.8% of the voting shares of Mail.Ru Group, of which $640 million at the time of closing, and another $100 million a year later.

Megafon to get control over Mail.ru Group


However, the analysts say it doesn't need control to establish the partnership with the Internet holding.   

MegaFon in contact with Mail.ru


The mobile operator is ready to buy control over the Internet company.

Yarovaya's pack will devastate the budget


Communications providers will not be able to pay the income tax.

Bulletin board for $2.7 billion: how Avito came to success


In the fall of 2015, online free bulletin board Avito was estimated at $2.7 billion, which means that now it can challebge the Russian Internet giants: VKontakte, Yandex and Mail.Ru Group. RBC investigated how Avito had come to success.

A former top manager of Mail.Ru got a "parachute" of $1.7 million for one-year's work


The creator of one of the largest Internet companies, Game Insight, Igor Matzanyuk received a "golden parachute" of $1.7 million while leaving Mail.ru in 2010. It has been revealed only recently, during the company's litigation with the Federal Tax Service.

Artemy Lebedev demands one million rubles from Mail.Ru and Omsk outlet for photos


The designer wants to get 500.000 rubles from each of the defendants for violation of his copyright on the photo "Filing of a road traffic accident".

The fate of VKontakte is being solved in offshores


The war between the shareholders of VKontakte has reached the court stage.