IKEA Group


Ingka Group wants to sell all real estate in Russia


The Swedish Ingka Group, which owns the IKEA chain and Mega shopping centers, is looking for buyers for its real estate in Russia.

Konstantin Ponomarev hiccuped IKEA


The case of attempted fraud and tax evasion by a businessman has been completed.

IKEA won in Ufa


The owner of the Mega shopping center decided to recover from the administration 113 million rubles of overpayment for the lease.

IKEA opponents are judged for slander and suspected of fraud


Konstantin Ponomarev at first will be judged for an easy, and then for a serious crime.

IKEA strikes back: Konstantin Ponomarev, who forced the Swedes to pay 25 billion rubles, has been arrested


The businessman is accused of fraud, the bribery of witnesses, the fabrication of evidence and non-payment of taxes. In addition to the episodes with IKEA, fraudulent deliveries of generators to the Crimea also appear in the case.

Blackmailing system of Sergey Sokolov


The former head of the Berezovsky's security service, Sergey Sokolov, has learned to "earn" through Forbes publications. 

Rural judge and raider Konstantin Ponomarev defeated IKEA


The Russian legislation is helpless against the court of Krasnaya village, Smolensk Oblast. 

The Swedes wavered: how a Russian businessman squeezed 25 billion rubles out of IKEA


Konstantin Ponomarev has already seized a record sum of money by court action and demands additional 36 billion rubles from the Swedish corporation. Is it a gamble or pragmatic calculation?