Katerina Tikhonova will settle down in the valley for half a billion


The Russian government has allocated about 500 million rubles to create the infrastructure of the innovative Scientific and Technological Center of Moscow State University "Vorobyovy Gory".

Katerina Tikhonova jumped forward 100 years


The alleged daughter of Vladimir Putin has been crossed out on the vistibular apparatus.

"Daughter" of Putin was dissolved with Kirill Shamalov


Member of the Board of Sibur Kirill Shamalov parted with the head of the fund "National Intellectual Development" Katerina Tikhonova.

The Ministry of Justice noted violations in the alleged Putin's daughter's fund


If Katerina Tikhonova does not eliminate them, she faces a fine of 2 thousand rubles.

Katerina Tikhonova targeting the Olympic Games


The alleged "daughter" of Vladimir Putin promotes acrobatic rock 'n' roll as an Olympic sport.

Reuters named Katerina Tikhonova the younger daughter of Putin


This publication has already caused serious contradictions between Gazprombank and the news agency.

The Kremlin has denied the publication of Reuters about Putin's daughter


Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied the information contained in a Reuters story about Vladimir Putin's daughter. Previously, the agency said that the head of the project Innopraktika Katerina Tikhonova was the president's daughter. 

Katerina Tikhonova: the new "Putin's daughter"


Moscow intelligentsia was easily agitated by a conversation of one of the functionaries of Intefax news agency Yuri Pogorely and chief editor of RBC Yelizaveta Osetinskaya on Facebook