Investigative Committee of Russia


Mikhail Khabarov was accused by phone


The top manager of the Trust and his lawyers did not hear the investigator.

Anatoly Bykov was finally accused of ordering


Ex-deputy and businessman Anatoly Bykov was finally charged with organizing a double murder in 1994. According to the investigation, he was the leader of an organized criminal group and, after an unsuccessful attempt on his life, ordered to eliminate the suspects.

Nornickel continues to crap in Taimyr


The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case due to the spill of more than 44 tons of aviation fuel that occurred on the pipeline of the Norilsk Nickel subsidiary.

Sergey Furgal reappeared


Governor Sergei Furgal became a defendant in the criminal case of the organized crime group, which was in force in 2004-2005. SK plans to seek his arrest.

Dunkvert's assistant was charged with bribes and a girl


Former assistant to the head of Rosselkhoznadzor Dmitry Natarov placed under house arrest.

Raiders who encroached on the assets of Alexander Mineev will be charged


An investigation into an attempt to raider seize the property of the founder of the party company was completed.

Diamonds with ALROSA carried out in a bra


The case of the theft of rough diamonds from AK ALROSA has been completed.

Alexander Bastrykin personally spanked two Interior Ministry generals


TFR suspects the generals of the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of abuse of power, the generals face up to 10 years in prison.

Alexander Bastrykin sat tightly on the "T-platform"


The case of abuses in the supply of equipment for the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been completed.

Shadow banker Alexei Kulikov requested freedom


Kulikov filed a petition for parole, he did not spend a day in the colony from a ten-year term.

The gaming empire of Anton Bazhanov surrendered the ransom


The criminal case of the largest network of underground casinos has been completed.

Alexander Bastrykin dashed off millions of rubles in Finland


Transportation of the head of the UK Alexander Bastrykin to the Finnish resort and back cost the treasury 8 million rubles.

Alexander Bastrykin will cut his transporters


All transport departments in the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation may fall under the reduction.

VIM-Avia leaders land in court


the general director and chief accountant of the airline are accused of fraud with loans and the withdrawal of currency.

Ananyev brothers collection of paintings was found in a warehouse near the Orthodox Church


Investigators of the UK found paintings and financial documents of the Ananyev brothers in a warehouse in the suburbs near the Orthodox Church of Smolensk.

Ananiev brothers worked on a five-day


The investigation revealed schemes for embezzlement of funds from Promsvyazbank.

Boris Titov put in a word for Vsevolod Opanasenko


The business ombudsman doubted the qualification of the computer transaction of the T-Platform company.

Mikhail Maksimenko did not say a single bad word about Alexander Bastrykin


“FSB officers also put pressure on me, demanded to incriminate Alexander Bastrykin and threatened me for a period of 22 years,” said Mikhail Maksimenko, former head of the ICR’s own security department, in court. He and several of his alleged accomplices, including the former head of the capital’s department of the UK, are charged with receiving a million dollars for the fact that they promised to release the close associates of the criminal authority Shakro Molodoy

Sergey Kelbakh could cause Avtodor damage by 2 billion rubles


The criminal case against the former head of Avtodor Sergey Kelbakh is connected with violations during the construction of the Central Ring Road. He was suspected of exceeding his authority, including when transferring an advance to “Crocus” Araz Agalarov.

Russian special services investigate the dealerships of the Rolf Estate


The assessment of Rolf Estate, because of the sale of which the founder of Rolf, Sergey Petrov, was accused of bringing 4 billion rubles abroad, was ready two months before the deal. The investigation calls the transaction a fictitious, and the assessment is "repeatedly inflated."

Vyacheslav Gaizer will be in jail half the time


The ex-governor of Komi and his associates have escaped conviction for the OPS.

At the Eastern Cosmodrome, the investigators caught two Wolfhound


A relative of the cosmodrome builder Yury Volkodav was arrested.

The company of Eugene Giner went from a billion taxes


A criminal case on tax evasion of more than 1 billion rubles was filed against an energy company connected with the president of CSKA and entrepreneur Eugene Giner.

As a bank "Ugra" Alexei Khotin fused its assets in Cyprus offshore


FTS and Rosfinmonitoring dismember the schemes around UBR-1 Nizhnevartovsk. Tax and DIA revealed questionable transactions worth billions of rubles in the oil industry.

What led Alexei Khotin to fiasco


Bank "Ugra" credited Khotin's business with depositors' money.

Alexey Khotin will live at home - with his wife and children.


The former owner of “Ugra”, Aleksey Khotin, was accepted not in a cell, but in a fashionable residential complex.

Investigators and FSB turned Viktor Ledenev into a puppet


The St. Petersburg court questioned the prosecution witnesses in the case of the former Kaliningrad deputy plenipotentiary.  

The map of Maria Slezkina was beaten by Tuzov


Announced for bribery, the investigator of the TFR wants to return home.