Co-owners of the Urban Group fled Russia


The former co-owner of the Urban Group, Andrei Puchkov, managed to flee abroad before his arrest. The main owner of the development company, "Professor" Alexander Dolgin, did it even earlier.

Court arrested former director of Urban Group Andrei Puchkov


Former general director of the Urban Group and Ivastroya Andrei Puchkov was arrested by the court: he is charged with abuse of authority, which entailed grave consequences. The media linked the case against Puchkov with the unfinished LC "Laikovo". The owner of the bankrupt company, Alexander Dolgin, is hiding in Europe.

SCR initiated the first criminal case in connection with the collapse of the Urban Group


The Investigative Committee took the leadership of one of the subsidiaries of the Urban Group with a great delay, from which 70 to 120 billion rubles were withdrawn.