JFC Group


Sergey Adonyev supplied the Motherland not only with Cuban sugar, but also with Latin American cocaine


What connects billionaire Sergey Adoniev with cocaine smuggling and Putin.

The High Court of London recognized Vladimir Kekhman as a fraudster


The court ruled in favor of the Bank of Moscow, deciding to recover from the banana-theatrical figure $ 140 million.

Who and for how much bought the property of Vladimir Kehman's company


Bankrupt theater-love didn't give the lenders a chance to get rich at his expense.

Theater-lover Kehman finally goes bust


Now the banana trader is obliged to live on one salary.

VTB sold a part of Vladimir Kehman's banana plantations


VTB Bank has started selling remaining assets of Vladimir Kehman's JFC Group, once the largest importer of bananas: plantations in Latin America. The actions of the bank displeased other JFC creditors.