Kaspersky Lab


Sergey Mikhailov and Ruslan Stoyanov sold state secret for 36 years


Former FSB officer Sergei Mikhailov and a former employee of Kaspersky Lab Ruslan Stoyanov got a long time in the case of high treason. The court found them guilty of disclosing operational information to US intelligence services.

Investigator in the case of Pavel Wroblewski may sit for 20 years


A former officer of the Center for Information Security FSB sold the FBI for $ 10 million information relating to the secret.

Three FSB officers accused of issuing state secrets for $ 10 million


Cases of the FSB officers accused of treason reached the court.

Kaspersky Lab evaluated the effect of negative publications in the US


Due to negative publications in the US media and "geopolitical pressure", Kaspersky Lab's intangible assets in the US depreciated by $ 3 million. This did not prevent the company from renewing the payment of dividends to shareholders.

Kaspersky goes from Europe to the Middle East


Evgeny Kaspersky's refusal to cooperate with Europol was another step to reduce the presence of his company in Western markets.

The European Parliament recognized Kaspersky Lab's products as malicious


In response, the company stopped cooperation with Europol.

Kaspersky Lab continues to struggle for its software in the US


The company is going to appeal the decision of the court.

Klimenko said a possible limitation of Microsoft's work in Russia


Advisor to the president on the Internet Herman Klimenko admitted that in response to the restrictions imposed by the US authorities on Kaspersky Lab, an American company Microsoft can "ask to leave" Russia.

"Kaspersky Lab" came under new US sanctions


The ban on using the company's products has spread to the military departments.

American users don't want Kaspersky even for free


The developers of the antivirus say that they stole someone else's secrets accidentally and they will not do it any more.

American "Patent troll" attacked Kaspersky Lab


This is the third lawsuit against the company in the US, so far the score is 2:0 in its favor.

"We have always lived with this tail of Russian hackers"


The general director of Kaspersky Lab, Yevgeny Kaspersky, talks on cyber security in Russia and the world.

Shaltai-Boltai's leader arrested by the FSB


The story around the arrest of a high-ranking ISC official, Sergey Mikhailov, is becoming an actual thriller.   

Betrayal in the FSB: what is known about the arrests in the security services and Kaspersky Lab


Arrests in the Information Security Center of the FSB and Kaspersky Lab could be the consequence of conflict within the security services, as claim RBC sources close to the higher echelone of the FSB.

Kaspersky Lab manager arrested


Why top manager of Kaspersky Lab and a key employee of the FSB's Information Security Center have been placed to Lefortovo jail. 

Stagnation amidst growing threats


What is happening to the information security market.

Petersburg is engulfed by sex blackmail


Petersburg Police suggests that 6000 residents were subjected to blackmail this spring in the social network. The victims are threatened to have their intimate life details disclosed if they don't pay with sex services.

Bloomberg spoke about the relations of Kaspersky with the Russian secret services


Former and current employees of Kaspersky Lab told Bloomberg about the cooperation of the company with the Russian special services. Yevgeny Kaspersky himself denies that these relations go beyond the legal field.