Khrunichev State Research and Production Center


Center Khrunichev was left without the "Protons" and "Angara"


The degradation of science and industry in the Russian Federation, as well as the mess in Roskosmos and its enterprises have turned the Khrunichev Khrunichev Space Center into a zombie. The head of the Board of Directors of the Center, Nikolai Sevastyanov, tried to tell about the ways to withdraw the company from the crisis.

Khrunichev State Research and Production Center promised to breathe before death


The space company will still leave the site in the Moscow area of ​​Fili and even help her with the money. Whether the SCNC will be able to produce economically inefficient Angara launch vehicles remains a mystery.

Perm plant "Proton-PM" will remain without orders for space


In connection with the refusal of the Russian Federation to operate reliable Soviet carrier rockets Proton, the Perm company of the same name will lose more than 30% of its revenue. It was previously brought rocket engines RD-276. To replace these drop-out incomes there is nothing.

The new satellite system "Sphere" will launch in 2022


The new head of Roskosmos announced the integrated satellite system "Sphere" worth up to one trillion rubles. The idea appealed to Vladimir Putin, who gave the go-ahead for the development of the corresponding federal target program.

Khrunichev Center tries to optimize


The enterprise is planning a massive reduction of staff and "accelerated optimization."

Holes in space are plugged by the Moscow earth


The Khrunichev Center again needed financial support.

In the center of Khrunichev rushed the lender


For the lands of the enterprise, the struggle unfolded, VEB became one of the main contenders.

Khrunichev Center waited for the sale of their land in Moscow


On the grounds of the STC, which has not built a single space launch vehicle in the last year and a half, housing for migrants can be built under the renovation program.

Center Khrunichev changed the form due to lack of funds for maintenance


The enterprise parted with the status of FGUP and 100 hectares of Moscow land.