Kogalymavia demands from Egypt $ 200 million for negligence


Kogalymavia Airlines, which is in the stage of bankruptcy after the attack, and the Turkish tour operator Prince Group filed lawsuits against Egypt, demanding compensation of almost $ 200 million.

Bedouin gang entered the world arena


What is known about the person who has taken the responsibility for the destruction of the Russian plane.

Egypt's closure: what losses the citizens and businesses should prepare for


On Friday, Russia suspended air service to Egypt. Tourist industry began to count the losses from the loss of the main direction for the New Year. Just to transport the Russian tourists from Egyptian resorts, the tour operators will lose $10 million.

Flying by the voucher: how the Russian charter market is organized


Charters have been in the spotlight since the crash of the Kogalymavia plane in Egypt. Forbes studied the origins, development and crisis of that market. 

Investigators examine the aircrafts and finances of Kogalymavia


Last year, the airline's profit fell by 36 times, and the debts increased almost threefold.