Leroy Merlin


"Leroy Merlin" to invest 10 billion rubles in the construction of a warehouse in the suburbs


The company will build a distribution center for 140,000 sq. M. in the Dmitrovsky district.

The fall in investment in Russian real estate exceeded 40% this year


In the first half of 2018, investment fell by 41% compared to the same period last year.

Finnish holding Kesko will try again to escape from Russia


He is in talks with Leroy Merlin about selling a chain of stores for the house and repairing K-Raut. If the deal breaks, Kesko will not be able to leave the Russian market.

Shops are closed for repairs


The number of DIY stores in Russia has decreased.

Life after bankruptcy: what the former owner of Starik Hottabych does


Starik Hottabych chain owned by Grigory Kozhemyakin went bankrupt, and the income from his other project, Stroydepo, ceased to grow. But the entrepreneur does not abandon the attempts to teach the Russians to do the repair properly.

The Kurmanovs offered "Leroy Merlin" to come to an agreement


The arbitration court initiated bankrupcy proceedings of the company related to the ex-Minister of Justice of the Republic of Tatarstan; it will last at least until May, 2014.