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Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko (born 8 March 1972 in Gomel, Belarus) is a Russian industrialist and billionaire.

Industrialist Melnichenko owns majority stakes in fertilizer producer Eurochem, coal producer SUEK and power generator SGK. His first venture in the early 1990s was a chain of currency-exchange booths from which he cofounded MDM Bank. He later founded Eurochem, SUEK and pipe exporter TMK with Sergei Popov, a former metals trader from Ural with whom he started working in 2000. 

Six years later, the partners began divvying up their assets and entirely separated by 2012, with Popov getting the bank and Melnichenko getting the other assets. He spent an estimated $450 million on his Sailing Yacht A, one of the world's largest superyachts; it is currently undergoing sea testing in Spain. It is called A to appear first in shipping registers. He also has a second megayacht, Motor Yacht A, which was designed by Philippe Starck and resembles a sleek, futuristic submarine. Melnichenko owns a collection of Impressionist art, including pieces by Claude Monet, some of which hang inside his yachts. He is married to Aleksandra Nikolic, a Serbian former model.

With an estimated personal wealth of $13.2 billion, in 2017 he ranked 89th in the Forbes World’s billionaires list (9th in Russia).

Traces of a businessman led to Liechtenstein


The principality initiated an investigation against the founder of SAHO Group.