London's High Court


Trust asked the court to take away the castle belonging to the wife of its former co-owner


Trust Bank, which is currently under rehabilitation, filed in London's High Court a claim for the withdrawal of a number of properties from the former bank owners' wives. The Bank wants to use this property to repay the damage caused to Trust.

DIA got at the foreign assets of Tuva ex-senator and banker Sergey Pugachev


In an exhausting judicial war waged in the West between the Russian authorities and banker Sergey Pugachev, a turning point was the battle that can radically change all future wars for assets.  

Sergey Pugachev — RBC: "Perhaps, I'd rather stay at home"


The verdict to Sergey Pugachev will be announced by the High Court in London on February 11; the fugitive businessman can be convicted to two years in prison for contempt to court. Pugachev tried to convince RBC that the court decision does not threaten him.

President of Cosmos was restricted to leave Britain


Andrey Chernyakov was deprived of his aircrafts and Rolls-Royce.

Roustam Tariko encumbered Green Mark and other vodka brands to the creditors


As RBC found out, all alcoholic brands owned by Roustam Tariko, except for Russian Standard: Green Mark, Parliament, Zhuravli and others, have been encumbered to bondholders due in April 2018.

The court allowed Elena Baturina to rewrite a claim against Glukoza's husband for €97 million


A court in London has allowed Elena Baturina to amend the statement of claim in the case of the construction of a resort in Morocco. The wife of former Moscow mayor demands €97 million from her business partner Alexander Chistyakov.

Traces of a businessman led to Liechtenstein


The principality initiated an investigation against the founder of SAHO Group.