LSR Group


Maksim Sokolov's friends washed money at the "Marine Facade"


Whom the vice-governor of Sokolov helps to make millions.

Andrei Molchanov gets rid of the developer business


The entrepreneur sold 9.71% of the shares of LSR Group. He needed money for "personal needs."

The falling ruble drove Russians into real estate


Break this trend may increase the cost of mortgages.

Businessman Danil Khachaturov can sell a plot in the north of Moscow


The businessman intends to sell his last property in Moscow.

Developers of the Moscow region will act as a single cartel against buyers


Almost all developers are planning to raise prices for apartments.

Moscow renovation is canceled after the election of Sergei Sobyanin


The loud program of the Moscow renovation ended on a porcelain 400 billion rubles from the unspent balances on the accounts of the Moscow government. Money for the remaining 15 years of renovation there is no place to take.

Atlantis of Russian developers


In 2018, the supply in the market of Moscow's new buildings may exceed demand by almost three times. Developers continue to lure interest holders low prices, and in case of problems they hope for help from the budget. Interest holders are now afraid of the collapse of the developers themselves.

The Moscow authorities decided to build 10 million square meters of real estate around the Moscow Ring Road


10 mln square meters of real estate will be built on the lands adjacent to the Moscow Ring Road. This could be the largest construction project in the capital after the renovation project. Profitability of the project is low, experts warn.

Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow


Did Senator Andrey Molchanov's position and acquaintance with politicians help him to build the business of LSR Group?