Master Bank bankrupted skillfully


The Interior Ministry believes that the bank went bankrupt because of the technical credits for its cronies. 

Elvira Nabiullina frightened the banks


Elvira Nabiullina's words that Master-Bank "is not alone in its kind" reminded the bankers of the credibility crisis in 2004. The blacklists are again on the run, the interbank market is shrinking, but the readiness is higher this time as the collapse of "Pushkin" has served as prophylactic immunization. 

Master-Bank turned out to have an unreliable asset


Structures associated with the Master-Bank turned out to be the co-owners of the shopping center built on the Lublin street in the place of its intersection with the Volgograd prospect. The asset is not particularly reliable, as the Moscow government is seeking to destroy the building.

Putin didn't help Master Bank


Master Bank's passion for doubtful operations cost it its license, the Deposit Insurance Agency — the record amount of 30 billion rubles to pay to the depositors, and those who obtain cash —  increased rates.