Ministry of Agriculture


Agrocomplex has grown out of Russia


Holding owned by the Tkachev family is preparing to export to Europe and Asia.

Company associated with the minister Tkachev's family doubled its land plots in a year


Agrocomplex, linked to family of the agriculture minister Alexander Tkachev, increased its land plots by more than two times in a year and now occupies the sixth place in the ranking of the largest owners of farmland.

VEB has blocked the Sberbank's sale of a resort in Sochi


VEB, one of the main creditors of "Krasnaya Polyana" — Sochi resort "Gorki Gorod" — inhibits its sale. The buyer, a little-known company "Kurort Plus" has signed an agreement with the owner, Sberbank, on October 12.

Rosrybolovstvo supported the introduction of a fish embargo against Turkey


The introduction of an embargo on food fish from Turkey is a positive step for the Russian producers of cod, pollock, halibut and flounder.

Queen of the fields: why Russia'ss largest agricultural holdings invest in soybeans


"There are no matches for it in the world anymore," as Russia's Vladimir Putin praised the soybeans about a year ago. After that, there was a decision to increase the soybean harvest in 2020 by three time. RBC finds out who invests into the new agricultural fetish.

Relatives of Minister Tkachev will become the leaders of agribusiness


The Agrocomplex company and other companies associated with the family of the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev will be inside the country's five largest landowners.

The Ministry of Agriculture has chosen three suppliers for cafes of Mikhalkov and Konchalovsky


Companies of restaurateur Arkady Novikov and the owner of the car dealer Avilon Alexander Varshavsky may become the suppliers of vegetables and greenery for a network of Russian fast food "Yedim doma!".