Ministry of Agriculture of Russia


Aleksey Bazhenov stole 12 billion rubles from the budget and fled to London


Will the former subordinate of ex-Minister of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik return to Russia.

The company "Natrbresource" can become a monopolist in the fish market


Head of the Ministry of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev plans to create in Russia one more major player in the fish market, which will be privatized and gradually withdrawn from state ownership.

The High Court of London invited Alexei Bazhanov to change jurisdiction


The fluent Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation could not recover from Arcadia Fosman 30 million pounds sterling: the court did not consider the case related to British jurisdiction. In Russia, Alexei Bazhanov is a figurant of criminal cases of fraud worth 10 billion rubles.

Retail networks are suspected of potato Russophobia


The Union of Vegetable Producers of Russia complained to the Ministry of Agriculture on retail chains refusing to buy Russian unpacked and unwashed potatoes.

FSB will keep secret the results of Dmitry Patrushev's activities in Rosselkhozbank


In a deeply unprofitable state-owned bank, the loan portfolio exceeded its capital by either 700 billion, or 1 trillion rubles. The new Minister of Agriculture does not need to have such a background.

Dmitry Patrushev drowned in the Augean stables of Rosselkhozbank


The new Minister of Agriculture for 8 years of management Rosselkhozbank has achieved more than modest success against the background of huge budget injections into the bank.

Russia wants to fall with grain


Russia is preparing for a new record for wheat exports of 35 million tons.

Why import substitution in the dairy industry failed


Despite the food embargo, milk production is declining, products are becoming more expensive, and demand for it is falling.

Alexei Bazhanov was left without money


The British court refused to compensate Alexei Bazhanov for the loss of the group "Masloprodukt" in the amount of 30 million pounds sterling.

The Mad Minister Tkachev


As the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev fights against competitors, depriving the Russians of imported snacks, but promising to give home wine.

Bread sent from Siberia


The Ministry of Agriculture ordered private companies to save the harvest.

Ukraine closed its borders to Russia's Agrocomplex


Petro Poroshenko included the Tkachev family's holding in the sanctions list.