Ministry of Culture of Russia


The Ministry of Culture did not leave Mikhail Novikov without work


An official convicted of $ 30 million fraud has been ordered to dispose of billions.

Boris Maso is not eager for homeland


A former Ministry of Culture official has already appealed a court decision in Vienna on his extradition to Russia, where he is accused of embezzlement.

Boris Mazo stayed in Vienna


A former official of the Ministry of Culture, not extradited to Spain, was requested to Moscow.

Boris Maso laundered in a villa in Marbella


In Vienna, a former Russian official, Boris Maso, was detained, whom Spain suspects of money laundering through the purchase of real estate on the Mediterranean coast.

Mikhail Mishustin looked at the paintings of Roerich


The tax requires 59 million rubles from the International Center of the Roerichs for paintings donated by the patron of the arts.

Roman Abramovich will throw a bone in the Russian cinema


The oligarch will create a fund with investments of up to 1 billion rubles in the Russian film industry. Expecting an improvement in the quality of the films is not worth it: the Ministry of Culture spends 6 times more annually, but no sense.

General Sergei Golkin tracked all the money of the RF Ministry of Culture


The major-general told how the investigation is conducted on the most resonant cases related to embezzlement of budget funds.

Boris Mazo escaped from the Russian prison


Ex-head of the Department of Property Management and Investment Policy of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Boris Mazo decided not to return to the SIZO on a new charge of embezzling 450 million rubles in the repair of the State Hermitage. A fugitive official will be looking abroad.

Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Aristarkhov turned out to be a successful businessman


In 2017, the official earned 142.1 million rubles. According to him, he earns on the rental of real estate, among its partners - the founders of the networks "M.Video" and "Old Man Hottabych."

Ministry of Culture thinks about the expediency of in Russia


Rosturizm on behalf of the Ministry of Culture should give an answer before June 4, whether it is expedient to limit the activity of the service in Russia. Such a response measure on US sanctions in April was offered by one of the domestic tour operators.

Grigory Pirumov again went to prison


The State Hermitage estimated its damage from the former deputy minister of culture and his accomplices at 860 million dollars. Pirums again behind the bars of the pre-trial detention center.

The Hermitage calculated the damage from Nikita Kolesnikov and Grigory Pirumov


The former deputy minister of culture became the zits chairman of the Pound, which covers the "sackings" of fantastic theft in the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

RBC Investigation: why Medinsky needs the Military Historical Society


The Russian military historical society under the leadership of the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky is busy with major patriotic projects. RBC found out, who gives it money and what do the minister's friends have to do with it. 

Arkhangelskoye has finally come into the hands of Vekselberg


The government has refused to protect the territory of the monument, referring to the lack of funds.