Ministry of Defense of the RF


The problem assets of VEB Capital will be taken by Sergei Pirogov from the Defense Ministry


The former head of the housing department of the Ministry of Defense will be the problem assets of the state corporation.

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation took money from "Kurganstalmost"


Debts on state contracts were associated with embezzlement at the Vostochny cosmodrome. The company can not get money for metal structures for the airfield in Transbaikalia.

The Accounts Chamber found violations in the defense and space industries of 1.3 trillion rubles


The amount of violations when spending budget funds doubled in 2017, the Accounting Chamber reported. The strengthening of audit and uncertainty in the pre-election year are affecting, say experts

Penny chips for GLONASS led to multi-million dollar business


Suspects of fraud are not yet available.

Generous Shoigu: the costs of army hockey clubs amounted to 4.8 billion rubles


SKA and CSKA spend most of all on the salaries of hockey players in the KHL.

The unfinished building of the GLONASS Center went up in price twice


The building is being built since 2010 in Moscow and now its cost is set at 2 billion rubles - an increase in the estimate is due to the need to search for domestic equipment to replace those that have fallen under foreign sanctions.