Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


Insurers revealed the losses of the Russian army


The loss of Russian troops from participating in the war in Ukraine in the autumn of 2014 hardly exceeded a hundred people.

Corporation "Helicopters of Russia" produces "blind" attack helicopters


Ex-Glavkom VKS Russia Viktor Bondarev said about the detected in Syria, "blindness" pilots Mi-28. According to him, the helicopter's electronics turned out to be a "failure", so the pilot simply "does not see anything".

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation allowed state companies to hide their suppliers


Care in the shadow of subcontractors should protect schemes for circumvention of sanctions.

Russia's New RS-28 Sarmat ICBM will be held at the stand


The new missile requires additional tests.

The government thought about cutting expenditures on the Arctic by 17 times


The government can once again cut spending on the state program for the development of the Arctic.

Defective missile shields


The US and Russia are trying to frighten each other with non-existent missile defense systems.

Umakhan Umakhanov left Russia's nuclear forces without hydraulic drives


In the case of a bankrupt Podolsky Electromechanical Plant, a new turn has been made - the Russian Criminal Code officially recognized the fact of large-scale theft.