Ministry of Energy of Russia


Karina Turcan will be introduced to the scout


After hearing the testimony of the former deputy minister, the espionage court decided to interrogate the agent who had revealed the top manager of Inter RAO.

$ 50 per barrel: Novak forecasts a decline in oil prices


Oil prices will decline to $ 50 per barrel, the energy minister Alexander Novak outlined the horizon. Saudi Arabia is set at $ 80 per barrel.

Russian oilmen threaten the government with a drop in oil production


Lending their interests, the Ministry of Energy asserts that without tax benefits by 2035 oil production in Western Siberia will collapse by 45% from the level of 2021. All these figures are speculative, whereas the benefits are needed now.

"Rosseti" has planned record dividends


The company will pay 5 billion rubles as a result of 2018.

Alexei Mordashov will import foreign turbines in Russia


By 2025, the "Power Machines" controlled by the oligarch should produce turbines that are 100% localized.

Russia can update the record for oil production


Exit from the OPEC + deal will allow Russia to increase oil production by almost 1% in the next two years, to 551 million tons this year and 555 million tons next year.

In the board of "Inter RAO" found a Romanian spy


The member of the board of PJSC "Inter RAO" Karina Turcan was on vacation from a vacation in a remand prison on charges of spying on Romania. Where the long years of locating a Moldovan citizen in the government of a large state company was watched by Russian special services remains a mystery.

The accident at the energy bridge Kuban-Crimea again de-energized the peninsula


The accident on Taman de-energized for a few hours the peninsula. Own electricity generation in Crimea is not enough even for 10-15% of the region's needs.

Novak allowed the support of "Gazprom" because of the arrest of assets in the Netherlands


Energy Minister Alexander Novak did not rule out measures of state support for the gas corporation, whose assets under the lawsuit of Naftogaz were arrested in the Netherlands and Switzerland. The Ukrainian company Gazprom is obliged to return 2,65 billion dollars.

Rosneft preferred to trade crude oil


The company Igor Sechin shifted the modernization of the refinery from 2020 to 2027.

Russia has run out of modern oil production technologies


Energy Minister Alexander Novak upset President Vladimir Putin.

Igor Sechin asked 145 billion rubles from Vladimir Putin


Having received 100 billion rubles of "compensation" from AFK Sistema, in the future, Rosneft did not become modest.

The US will overtake Russia in oil production in 2018


Such a forecast was provided by the International Energy Agency.

Rosneft is looking for an outlet to the Barents Sea


The company proposes to return to the idea of ​​an oil pipeline to Indiga.