Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation


Dark Horse Dmitry Mezentsev


In 2012, the former governor, ex-senator and failed candidate for the presidency of Russia went as ambassador to Belarus.

Moscow has determined the conditions for the transfer of Japan Southern Kurils


The Russian Federation is ready to transfer to Japan the island of Shikotan and the Habomai range on the condition that American soldiers are not placed on them.

Russian intelligence officer became a zombie in the US


In 2016, Interfax, citing "informed sources", reported on the death of a double agent, Alexander Poteev, who had previously surrendered the Russian intelligence network to the United States with Anna Chapman.

Summer scandal: why the US would not return two Russia's diplomatic residences


Moscow and Washington "almost" agreed on the issue of Russia's diplomatic property in the United States, Foreign Ministry spokesman Sergey Ryabkov said. If the Russians are not restored access to the two residences, the Kremlin will be ready for "countermeasures".