Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation


The sweet life of Golikova and Khristenko


A million euros for air travel and a golf club in Spain is a story from the life of the family of Viktor Khristenko and Tatiana Golikova.

Sergey Chemezov will send Natsimbio to the colony


The FSIN will procure drugs for HIV.

Alexey Repik owes the Ministry of Health 387 million rubles


Veronika Skvortsova's office has already filed 16 lawsuits against the company R-Pharm.

Skvortsova announced the possibility of an increase in life expectancy up to 120 years


According to the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the period of active labor activity of Russians will only grow.

Sergei Chemezov has monopolized the purchase of influenza vaccines in Russia


The company "Nazimbio", which is part of Rostek, will sell to the Ministry of Health of Russia 31 million doses of flu vaccine for 3.8 billion rubles. The benefits of these vaccines are more than doubtful, but their purchases in Russia grow from year to year.

FAS Russia suspected the Ministry of Health in collusion with the companies of Alexey Repik


Three antitrust cases have already been initiated against Alexey Repik's R-Pharm.

Russians stopped drinking vodka


The World Health Organization recorded a sharp decline in alcohol consumption in Russia. Officials of the Ministry of Health rushed to declare this as their merit.

Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Health disrupted the project of connecting hospitals to a unified healthcare system


According to the Accounts Chamber, this will lead to a shortage of budget funds.

Competitors set on Alexei Repik FAS Russia


Suddenly, the clear-sighted antimonopoly service suspected the Ministry of Health in unusually generous preferences for the company "R-Pharm."

Veronica Skvortsova's house is bogged down in the courts


What prevents the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation from completing and opening a federal center for a stroke in Moscow.

Real incomes of Russian doctors were 2 times lower than official ones


The average salary of physicians in Russia, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, is 53 thousand rubles. However, only 8% of doctors receive more than 50 thousand rubles.

Vitaly Granovsky defamed Russia in front of Nicaragua and the whole world


The Russian vaccine factory in Nicaragua fell victim to the brilliant personnel policy of the Ministry of Health.

Russian vaccines have not coped with Nicaraguan bacilli


The vaccine production plant in Nicaragua has not yet begun to work.