Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation


The Senezh Group of Companies was robbed like a family


Alexey Knekov and his wife are accused of embezzling 139 million rubles from two companies.

Billionaire Arzhanov will pay for light with fish


The persons involved in the TNS energo case want to be accused of organizing a criminal community.

The investigation dumped on Ananyev


Former owner of Promsvyazbank Alexei Ananyev commented on the fraud charge.

Tatar bankers were closed in a Moscow jail


A former witness in the case of the head of Tatfondbank was arrested for fraud.

Interior Ministry is preparing to massively hack smartphones of Russians


The agency has announced the largest tenders for the supply of systems for hacking smartphones and reading correspondence in Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook, including hidden and deleted data.

Rosoboronexport prevents Venezuelans from shooting with a Kalashnikov assault rifle


The case of fraud in the construction of arms factories in Venezuela has been completed.

Brother of Matvey Urin accused of robbing banks


The Ministry of Internal Affairs, within the framework of the "Holding" operational event, revealed a new person involved in a high-profile criminal case of multibillion embezzlement from credit institutions controlled by the fugitive banker Ilya Kligman.

The creator of vodka "Dovgan" flooded the entire financial pyramid


The police intend to absenteeize a measure of restraint to German Lillevyali.

The Magomedov brothers stripped 10 times


The assets of the Summa group are counted and arrested.

1 billion fake rubles printed in Nizhny Novgorod


The Bank of Russia found a competitor in the darknet.

Alexander Bastrykin personally spanked two Interior Ministry generals


TFR suspects the generals of the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of abuse of power, the generals face up to 10 years in prison.

Alexander Bastrykin sat tightly on the "T-platform"


The case of abuses in the supply of equipment for the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been completed.

Ilya Kligman confused traces of cession


As part of the investigation of the largest withdrawal of funds from the country, the right to claim creditors was arrested.

Dmitry Zakharchenko was on 5 million dollars cheated


Deciphering the testimony of the banker Gorbuntsov in the “Zakharchenko case”.

The Magomedov brothers discovered the shadow of the financier Kaplan


The Ministry of Internal Affairs wants to arrest in absentia the former partner of the owners of Sumy.

People without white coats came to the United Medical Systems


The company was ransacked, and group management is suspected of fraud on an especially large scale.

Sberbank customer data merged from the collector


Suspected of embezzlement of Sberbank customer data, he was detained as an employee of a collection agency.

Moscow coffers laundered money with beer


In the capital, the largest site of financial shadow businesses is closed.

Vladimir Plahotniuc found a hash trail


The Moldavian oligarch was accused of drug deliveries to Russia, but was not arrested.

100 million rubles flowed through banker Alexei Demyanov


The former co-owner of the Novopokrovsky Design Bureau was arrested.

Peter Aven set investigators on Rosgosstrakh


The Ministry of Internal Affairs is checking three transactions that took place on the eve of the reorganization of the Otkrytie group.

In the case of Dmitry Mazurov the smell of diesel fuel


The Ministry of Internal Affairs checks two transactions of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery 2017.

Yandex.Food was fined


The police have made claims for hiring couriers.

Former owner of Antipinsky Oil Refinery Dmitry Mazurov was arrested


The criminal case against Mazurov may be related to a loan from Sberbank.

Dmitry Zakharchenko said goodbye to freedom, billions and the rank of colonel


The court sentenced to 13 years in prison and a fine of 117 million rubles to Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who became widely known because of the 8.5 billion rubles found in him and his close friends. He was also deprived of the rank of police colonel.

Alisher Usmanov presses Rosbalt


The search at Rosbalt may have been sent to search for evidence that was collected for a material not yet published.

From Galkin, Pugacheva and Kirkorov laid down a murderous triangle


Accused of the attempted assassination of Philip Kirkorov referred to Maxim Galkin.

Vladimir Baikov drowned with a submarine


The former chief engineer of the Admiralty Shipyards has been placed under arrest.