Banker Malchevsky died because of an overcrowded barrack


Founder Mosoblbank, businessman Andrzej Malchevsky died in a hospital at a colony in the Ryazan region. As the relative of Malchevsky told The Bell, he died of an infectious meningitis caused by overpopulation of the barracks where the ex-banker lived.

Banker Andrzej Malchevsky died in prison


The founder and former owner of Mosoblbank, transferred to the structures of the Rothenberg brothers, died in a colony where he served time for the theft of 68 billion rubles.

Profit of SMP Bank collapsed 37 times


The bank belonging to the oligarch Arkady Rotenberg stopped indicated in its reporting 169 billion rubles received from the DIA for the financial recovery of Mosoblbank.

The depositors of Geobank cannot forget Ilya Kligman and Mikhail Sakhin


Scandalous bankers Kligman and Sakhin are trying to make Internet search engines forget about their existence.

MMM by Arksbank


Arksbank's managers siphoned off 5 billion rubles and avoided any responsibility.

Capital holes


Up to half of Russian banks draw up fictitious assets for themselves.

"Hoover" among banks


What fate awaits Ugra Bank?

"We are realists and understand that we cannot return all 70 billion rubles"


Artem Obolensky speaks on the strategy of the Rotenbergs banking group, new acquisitions and restructurization of Mosoblbank. 

The investigation reached out to the former executives of Mosoblbank


They were charged with a large scale fraud. 

An embezzler was found in Mosoblbank


The former head of the bank Viktor Yanin has been arrested.

The Central Bank discovered that about 60 billion rubles of retail deposits were withdrawn from Mosoblbank


There were less than 20 billion rubles of deposits on the bank balance, however.