Vladimir Petrovich Yevtushenkov (Evtushenkov) (born 25 September 1948) is a Russian billionaire business oligarch. He is the majority owner and chairman of AFK Sistema, a large Russian conglomerate company.

Once worth $9 billion, Vladimir Yevtushenkov has seen his fortune shrink after a court ordered him to return his stake in oil company Bashneft to the state. He was placed under house arrest for three months during an investigation that preceded the ruling. In January 2016, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation closed a related criminal case against him, primarily due to lack of evidence. A former plastics engineer, Yevtushenkov co-founded Sistema and took it public on the London Stock Exchange in 2005, the same year he invested in Bashneft. His Sistema still owns MTS, the largest cellular operator in Russia, and has interests in the energy, engineering, agriculture and media industries. It also owns toy store Detsky Mir and a chain of clinics.

Magomedov brothers' Summa Group carves up state budgets


Instead of the promised investments in their native Dagestan, the Magomedov oligarchs are mastering republican funds.