Naftogaz Ukraine


Naftogaz began to prepare for the analysis of the Ukrainian GTS for scrap


After the launch of Nord Stream 2, Ukrainian transit will lose its meaning for Gazprom, the executive director of Naftogaz, Yury Vitrenko, said.

Gazprom returned to Ukraine


The gas corporation has started negotiations with the Ukrainian Naftogaz about a new transit contract since 2020.

"Gazprom" has prepared money for "Naftogaz"


The gas corporation prepared to pay all the demands of Naftogaz and forgive its debts

"Naftogaz" decided to gut "Gazprom"


"Naftogaz" decided to recover another $ 20 billion from Gazprom.

The third gas war: what is needed for Gazprom


Breaking the contract with Ukraine will enable the corporation to defeat the defeat in the Stockholm arbitration.

Gazprom ready to fight with Ukraine


Alexey Miller responded to the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration Court.

Gazprom chooses Germany over Ukraine


Kiev may lose several hundred million dollars in transit revenue.