Russian cosmonauts starved on the ISS


American astronauts on the International Space Station handed over several containers of food to two Russian colleagues who had run out of food.

Rogozin closer to the moon than to the United States


Roscosmos does not plan to sever contacts with NASA and withdraw from the joint lunar program due to the cancellation of Dmitry Rogozin’s visit to the US, explained in the state corporation. The corporation is not going to "act mirror".

On the orbit there are American saboteurs


American astronauts are suspected of deliberately damaging the Russian spacecraft Soyuz on the ISS.

Wards Dmitry Rogozin drilled the International Space Station


The head of Roskosmos did not rule out that a hole in the ISS skin could be drilled by someone both on Earth and directly in orbit. If this continues, the United States and the European Union may consider the joint stay of their astronauts with Roscosmos employees in orbit dangerous to life.

July 20 in Yakutia could be a nuclear explosion


July 20 in the territory of the four northern ulus of the Republic of Yakutia for a few hours "turned off the sun." Then black dust and dead birds began to fall from the sky. Local residents suspect an underground nuclear explosion in the Verkhoyansk Range.

NASA will abandon the Russian "Soyuz" for flights to the ISS in 2019


NASA may refuse to purchase seats in Soyuz to send astronauts to the ISS in the next year.

Roskosmos and Rosatom will suspend cooperation with the West


The ban will affect new contracts, which the government did not recommend.

Russia loses monopoly on manned spaceflight


The termination of the monopoly of the corporation for manned flights to RSC Energia is awaited after the commissioning of American spacecraft Starliner and Crew Dragon.

Crimson River of Norilsk Nickel


The company regularly dumps its wastes into the Daldykan river and poisons its inhabitants, as evidenced by satellite images of the American NASA.