National Bank of Ukraine


Andrey Kostin was kicked in Ukraine


The National Bank of Ukraine introduced a temporary administration in the Ukrainian subsidiary of VTB.

National Bank of Ukraine urged not to cut the daughter of Russian banks alive


The Ukrainian regulator urged the bailiffs at the suit of Igor Kolomoisky’s structures not to arrest the assets of Russian banks in Ukraine, but to give them the opportunity to fulfill their obligations to depositors in order to kick them in the ass.

Sberbank poured into its Ukrainian "daughter" more than 17 billion rubles in April-June


Russian banks continue to cry, but invest in the Ukrainian banking sector. In addition to Sberbank, serious losses were incurred by Ukrainian subsidiaries of Vnesheconombank and VTB.

Russian money could get to Kiev through the jurisdiction of London


The payment system "Unistream" circumvented the ban of the National Bank of Ukraine on the transfer of money from the Russian Federation. In Ukraine, she issues money through the British system CEL.INT. The attack on it from the side of Kiev officials is unlikely.

Ukraine caught the Russian payment system on a circumvention of sanctions


The attempt of the Contact system to send the transfers to the Ukrainian recipients failed.

Sberbank walks on the Ukrainian rake


The Russian state bank is trying to sell its business in Ukraine. They are interested in local oligarchs and British.

Sberbank and Ukraine: why there is a new contender for the bank's subsidiary


While the NBU is thinking over permission to sell Ukrainian Sberbank to a consortium of investors represented by Said Gutseriev and Norvic Bank, another buyer, Viktor Prokopenya, emerged.

The Russian banks in Ukraine are deprived of the capital


Russian banks at risk of losing business in Ukraine.

Kiev put an end to the Russian capital infusion


Subsidiares of the state banks of Russia cannot hope for any development.

VTB Group has taken the first step from Ukraine


BM Bank has been put up for sale. 

Donbass money: the currency stolen in Ukraine came to Moscow


The local gangsters trying to trade the dollars, euro and hryvnia, stolen from ATMs in Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine, in the Russian banks.