Deripaska stepped on Potanin's sore spot


UC Rusal, founded by Oleg Deripaska, demanded that the board of directors of Norilsk Nickel and Vladimir Potanin change management due to accidents. Deripaska and Potanin sued for several years because of the shares of the enterprise.

Potanin impoverished in accidents Nornickel


The state of the main owner of Norilsk Nickel, Vladimir Potanin, fell by $ 3.6 billion amid environmental scandals, but he still remains the richest Russian.

Nornickel continues to crap in Taimyr


The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case due to the spill of more than 44 tons of aviation fuel that occurred on the pipeline of the Norilsk Nickel subsidiary.

Potanin dodges a fine


Norilsk Nickel does not agree with the methodology for calculating fuel spill damage.

Russian billionaires have bred heirs on a grand scale


Russian oligarchs were able to make fortunes that would be enough for a comfortable life of several generations.

Oleg Derpiska raised Potanin on dividends


The oligarch once again pushed the payment of huge dividends to Norilsk Nickel, which was opposed by another shareholder Vladimir Potanin.

Vladimir Potanin has a fat year


The state of the co-owner of Norilsk Nickel grew by 8.5 billion dollars a year.

Undefeated Sanctions Ten


The company magazine identified the largest business structures that benefited from Western sanctions against Russia.

Natalia Potanina crawls into pocket of her ex-husband


She demands from Vladimir Potanin 5.8 billion pounds.