NPO Cosmos


Andrei Chernyakov no longer live in his villa in Tuscany


In Italy, the property of the former head of the Cosmos NGO was sold for 7.2 million euros.

The particles of Cosmos are being collected throughout Europe


In several countries Andrey Chernyakov's and his wife's property has been arrested. 

The London court has allowed the former head of NPO Cosmos to spend £80 thousand a month


Defenders of Andrey Chernyakov, accused of stealing a loan of 12 billion rubles from the Bank of Moscow, appealed against the arrest of his villa in Italy and restrictions on personal spending in the UK.  

President of Cosmos was restricted to leave Britain


Andrey Chernyakov was deprived of his aircrafts and Rolls-Royce.

Moscow money was found in Florence


President of NPO Cosmos Andrey Chernyakov is accused of large scale credit fraud.   

Investigation returns money from Cosmos


A criminal case was initiated on the theft of 11 billion rubles by the company from the Bank of Moscow.