Zagorsky Pipe Plant of Nikolai Egorov and Denis Safin burst from the orders of Gazprom


Powerful administrative support has turned the company, to which generous orders of the gas monopoly have fallen, into a reseller of large diameter pipes from other manufacturers in Russia.

Dmitry Pumpyansky was not allowed to become a monopolist for the production of drill pipes in the Russian Federation


FAS refused to TMK in the acquisition of the Sverdlovsk drill pipe manufacturer Tekhnomash, part of the Chinese Hilong Group.

Russian steel barons wept in the waistcoat of the state


The largest Russian metallurgical cartel, "Russian Steel", estimated losses of metallurgists in the coming years because of infrastructure restrictions of 500 billion rubles. Such a figure should save them from extortion in favor of the Kremlin, they hope.

Russian metallurgists do not want to leave the US market


Russian companies refused to sell their American assets and plan to make good money for them: the prices for metals in the US due to import duties went up.

Dmitry Pumpyansky failed to collect money from Americans for a new yacht


The IPO of the American division of the Pipe Metallurgical Company - TMK Ipsco - is postponed due to the fall of the US stock market.

Gazprom seeks discounts from pipe manufacturers


Gazprom "bent" suppliers of large diameter pipes for a 20% discount. Due to what now the main owner of the Pipe Metallurgical Company Dmitry Pumpyansky will finish building his 100-meter yacht Project Blade?

Gazprom stopped buying pipes


Gazprom stopped buying pipes for Nord Stream-2: a year and a half after their order, they seemed expensive to the gas monopoly.

TMK may sell its US plants


Dmitry Pumpyanskiy's pipe company wants to reduce the debt burden, which now exceeds 4 EBITDA.

Large diameter drop


Pipe manufacturers faced a decline in demand for LDP.

Potanin's flotilla: businessman can part with Anastasia and stay with Barbara


The fleet of the owner of Anastasia, Nirvana and Barbara can be estimated at about $500 million.

Demand for TMK shares exceeded expectations


An insurance represented by the purchase of unclaimed shares of the company by UK Lider, turned out to be not necessary.