Weak oil reserves of Russia put analysts in a stupor


In the light of the talks in OPEC, Western observers questioned how much the Russian Federation will be able to raise oil production.

The US will overtake Russia in oil production in 2018


Such a forecast was provided by the International Energy Agency.

Russian disease: why Azerbaijan let its currency float freely


Azerbaijan let its currency float freely, and then the dollar increased by one and a half times. Now, for the Azerbaijani vegetables and fruits it will be easier to take the place of the Turkish ones, banned in the Russian market.

The king is dead, long live the king: how Abdullah's death will affect oil


In the night from Thursday to Friday, the 90-year-old King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the ruler of the most powerful oil-producing nation, passed away.

The collapse of shale illusions: time to pay the bills


Lower oil prices jeopardize the development of shale deposits, confirmed the World Bank economists. Even though cheap oil will support the global economy, the world will be divided into winners and losers from this slowdown.

How the US recarved the gobal oil market


The world can forget about three-digit oil prices.