Otkrytiye Group


No more Russians


The New York State Court refused to consider the claim of former co-owner of the Trust bank Ilya Yurov to the "Opening of the Holding", as well as to its shareholders Vadim Belyaev and Ruben Aganbegyan.

Herman Gref has collected the most money of future pensioners


Sberbanks' pension fund overtook the former leader in that branch, Anatoly Gavrilenko's Alor Group funds. 

Otkrytiye to gobble Rosgosstrakh


The company Rosgosstrakh over the past year lost more than a third of its ncome in the insurance market. Now it is about to be absorbed by Otkrytiye Group, which can squeeze the former oligarch Danilo Khachaturov's asset dry.

Former owners of Trust Bank will be left without 830 million dollars


The High Court in London rejected the claim of the former owners of Trust National Bank: Ilya Yurov, Nikolay Fetisov, Sergey Belyaev and their wives, who were in the claimant list, to unfreeze their assets worth $830 million.

Premier League: who Alexey Khotin dreams to become


Khotin's business success his competitors often explain by his ability to build relationships with influential people. One of his good friends is said to be Boris Gryzlov.