Petropavlovsk Plc


Pavel Maslovsky washed all the gold from Pokrovsky mine


Maslovsky is suspected of stealing funds from the Pokrovsky Rudnik company as part of an organized group. Earlier, searches were carried out in the company's office, Maslovsky is under interrogation.

Petropavlovsk doesn’t have all the gold that the director


The gold mining company again has a conflict of shareholders with management.

Gold mining companies opposed the removal of their super-profits


They have already threatened with a lack of gold for external settlements of the country, which in the future can repeat the experience of Iran and North Korea.

Kenes Rakishev returned Pavel Maslovsky to Petropavlovsk


The founder of the company plans to buy more shares to bring its stake to 10%.

Former Senator Pavel Maslovsky is going to get gold again


Pavel Maslovsky can again return to the operational management of the gold miner Petropavlovsk. Ex-Senator from the Amur region agreed to take the post of CEO of the group, torn apart by the corporate conflict, which he left in 2017.

Petropavlovsk was reminded of the founder


A third of shareholders demand to return Pavel Maslovsky.

Pavel Maslovsky left Petropavlovsk


The co-founder of the company left its top management.

The path of "black" Vdovin


How Andrey Vdovin professionally ravages banks.