Anatoliy Eduardovich Serdyukov (born 8 January 1962) is a Russian politician and businessman who was the Minister of Defense of Russia from 15 February 2007 to 6 November 2012. During his tenure as defense minister, he launched several major reforms of the Russian military. The main idea behind his reforms was the transformation from a mass mobilization army to a small force of contract soldiers. 

Serdkuyov was sacked by Putin on 6 November 2012 and replaced by Sergey Shoigu. In November 2013 Serdkuyov was charged by Russian investigators with "negligence" for ordering the army to build a road from a village to a private country residence in Russia's south. He was amnestied in 2014 by a presidential decree.

In October 2015 he was appointed as an Industrial Director of Rostec State Corporation. His duties include supervising of all the company's aviation-related activities from helicopter-building to airplane engines.

Arrested Khotin will pull Pharmstandard with him


The investigation may recognize as fictitious the transactions of the former owner of Bank Ugra and the owner of the pharmaceutical holding Viktor Kharitonin.

State-owned company Rosnano sold Viktor Kharitonin a stake in PET technology


The state company sold Viktor Kharitonin a stake in PET-technology.

The owner of "Pharmstandard" Augment Investments is liquidated


His Cypriot company Augment Investments, which owns the main producer of arbidol in Russia - Otisipharm, as well as Pharmstandard, is being liquidated.

"R-farm" did not pay for tablets


The company lost the dispute to Native.

Egor Kulkov invested in British medrobots


The former shareholder of Pharmstandard has now become the largest shareholder of the British start-up CMR. The enterprise plans to compete with already existing robots-surgeons da Vinci.

Biotec loses state orders


The company of former senator Boris Spiegel is being ousted from the Russian pharmaceutical market.

The consolidation of "Pharmstandard" costed Viktor Kharitonin too expensive


Minorities of "Pharmstandard" have seized from the main owners of the company 540 million rubles.

Kings of the state order - 2017: Forbes rating


The multi-billion government contracts are obtained by mysterious contractors without tenders. 

The largest pharmaceutical producer invested in a startup with Voloshin's capital


Pharmstandard put $1 million into the company Genotek, which is engaged in DNA research. Among the shareholders of the company are the former head of the presidential administration Alexander Voloshin, co-owner of the agricultural holding Rusagro Maxim Basov and a partner of Safmar Ventures.

Why billionaire Kharitonin has bought the most dangerous road in the world


Nürburgring race track for Formula 1 is called "Green Hell": dozens of drivers died on in. But for Viktor Kharitonin the track is, first of all, profitable business.

Junkie lobby in Russia


The officers of the Federal Drug Control Service conducted a special operation to curb the supply chain of large quantities of cocaine from St. Petersburg to Bashkiria. Nevertheless, the situation with drug addiction in Russia is critical.