Post of Russia

FSUE Russian Post is a Russian state-owned company that provides postal services. It was founded in 2002. The headquarters is located in Moscow. In 2016, the company's revenue amounted to 161 billion rubles (149 billion rubles in 2015), net profit - 1.7 billion rubles (1.6 billion rubles in 2015). The number of employees is 390 thousand employees (2016). In 2016, the company processed more than 225 million international shipments with goods, which is almost double the 2015 indicator (128 million items) and more than 10 times the 2012 indicator (21.7 million shipments). Official site.

Post of Russia and Uralsib have divided damage from hackers


The court recognized their mutual guilt in the loss of funds in 2015.

VTB and Alibaba are ready to cooperate


The deal will combine the competencies of the participants.

Duty-free purchases via the Internet will become impossible since 2020


Officials promise that then they will reduce the amount of duty.

Online trading in Russia remains microscopic


The turnover of the Russian Internet retail market in 2017 exceeded 1 trillion rubles, but its growth rates remain low, and the share in total trade in Russia is only 3%.

Minister Nikiforov in touch


The Ministry of Communications has taken aback the public with a new statement. In its opinion, it is necessary to reduce the number of payphones and internet points. As seen from this statement, the above-mentioned services should be reduced in the big cities.

Nose dive of Dmitry Strashnov


Security officials became interested in "aircraft" procurement of the Russian Post, which took place without competition and at an inflated price. This investigation may lead to the resignation of the federal state unitary enterprise's head, Dmitry Strashnov, observers say.

Russian Post wouldn't give up


The company showed its papers to the security officers. 

The police is looking for 35 billion rubles in the Russian Post


The economic police and the investigation carried out dozens of searches on August 28. The management of the St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Post are under suspicion. 

The Russian Post will be demonopolized


Very soon almost everyone will be able to do postal business and open their small office or a kiosk.