Qatar Investment Authority


CEFC paid QIA and Glencore only $ 225 million for disrupting the transaction on Rosneft shares


The Swiss trader and the Qatari fund expected to receive $ 400 million for the termination of the transaction to acquire a 14.2% stake in Russia's largest oil company.

Andrei Kostin financed the privatization of a stake in Rosneft by Igor Sechin


The “breakthrough” of Putin’s business into the open world turned out to be an interlude, as a result of which the state-owned VTB Bank acquired shares of the toxic Sechin Rosneft.

Qatar Fund QIA and Glencore divided their stake in Rosneft


The companies purchased 19.5% of the shares of the oil company for loans from Russian and European banks. The problem for them may be the fall in the value of the company Igor Sechin.

The Russian government approved the dissolution of the "privatization kolkhoz" in the share capital of Rosneft


The joint company of the Qatar investment fund QIA and the Swiss trader Glencore - QHG Oil, will be disbanded. After that, 18.93% of Rosneft shares will remain on the balance sheet of QIA, 0.57% - at Glencore.

VTB will again finance the purchase of shares of Rosneft by foreigners


The bank has already offered 5.1 billion euros to the Chinese CEFC, and now does not rule out a loan to the Qatar Investment Authority, which will collect almost 19% of Rosneft's shares.

Qatar replaced for "Rosneft" China


Qatar investment fund QIA saves a deal to privatize the state stake in Rosneft.

Mega-transaction on the privatization of the stake in Rosneft has burst


The Glencore and QIA consortium announced the termination of the agreement to sell the stake in Rosneft to the Chinese CEFC.

Igor Sechin's partner from China turned out to be a rogue bankrupt


At the end of the "multitrack" launched by the Kremlin in December 2016 to privatize the stake in Rosneft was the head of the Chinese CEFC corporation E Jianming. His company expectedly delayed the first tranche ($ 1.8 billion) of payment for a 14.16% stake in Rosneft, and the deal actually collapsed.

CEFC did not officially refuse to purchase toxic shares of Rosneft


It's just that the Chinese company has problems with the authorities of the China and Western banks, and therefore it cuts half of its staff.

Emir of Qatar expects from Vladimir Putin promised buyers for the shares of "Rosneft"


Mnogodhodovochka with the sale of shares of Rosneft has reached a dead end. The Chinese CEFC still has a week to pay 1.5 billion euros for Rosneft shares, but the Chinese company does not intend to buy these securities.

The broken plan of Igor Sechin


The attempt to "break through the sanctions blockade" and sell a large stake in Rosneft to respected Chinese investors has failed. CEFC Corporation postponed the deal for an indefinite period.

"Rosneft" was not needed by the Chinese


CEFC postponed for an indefinite period the purchase of a 14.2% stake in Igor Sechin for $ 9.1 billion. As a result, the whole "multiyear" with the sale of 19% of the shares of the state company to foreign investors indecently hovered in the air.

The Chinese CEFC has no money to buy 14% in Rosneft


The completion of the transaction for the sale of 14.16% of Rosneft to the Chinese CEFC was postponed from the end of 2017 to the first half of 2018. The total volume

VTB will finance the purchase of Chinese shares of Rosneft


The bank issued a loan to CEFC for 5 billion euros secured by the 14.16% stake in Rosneft it buys. It remains only to wait for the Chinese to return the documents they do not need and the billion-dollar deal will be closed.

En+ estimated at 7 billion dollars


Oleg Deripaska found himself in London without any problems.

The privatization of Rosneft was paid by the Russian government


The budget profit from the sale of 19.5% of Rosneft is exceeded by the tax benefits for the oil company by 700 billion rubles.

How much the consortium of Glencore and QIA earned on Rosneft


In addition to the proceeds from the sale of shares, they have already received 174 million euros of dividends and can receive more.

Intesa faces difficulties with a loan for the purchase of Rosneft


Negotiations with banks on refinancing a loan are threatened because of the anti-Russian sanctions.

Rosneft opened for the Chinese


Negotiations began to sell a stake in the Russian oil company.

The head of Intesa ruled out Russia's participation in the financing of the transaction on the privatization of Rosneft


The Government approved a loan of €5,2 billion by Intesa Sanpaolo for the consortium of Glencore and QIA.

Intesa has not yet issued a syndicated loan for the purchase of Rosneft shares


The bank considers the Russian company a very reliable partner.

Foreign banks have questions to the privatization of Rosneft


Intesa, which gave a loan for €5,2 billion to Glencore and Qatar QIA for the purchase of shares in Rosneft, wants to syndicate it, but may encounter difficulties. Foreign banks are not willing to participate until they know all the details of this transaction.

After the stake in Rosneft, the Qatari fund may buy a stake in a joint venture with Novatek


QIA is negotiating with Igor Yusufov to buy 49% of Yargeo. 

Qatar and Glencore created three British joint ventures for the deal with Rosneft


Swiss trader Glencore and Qatar investment fund QIA set up three joint companies with registration in the UK as part of the transaction for the purchase of 19.5% of Rosneft shares, as it follows from the data of the British corporate registry.

Intesa will provide a loan of 5.2 billion euros for the purchase of 19.5% of shares of Rosneft


Thus, the bank has provided half of the funding for the transaction.

Sale of 19.5% of shares of Rosneft as a secret special operation


The purchase of 19.5% of shares of Rosneft by Glencore and Qatar Investment Authority still raises many questions among economists. It is being prepared in strange secrecy, they say. And last week, like a bolt from the blue, it was announced that the stock of the oil company had been already sold to Glencore and the QIA.   

Igor Sechin gave Rosneft away to his friends and enemies of Russia


The head of Rosneft sold nearly 20% of the state company to Glencore, which is closely associated with the Kremlin-connected billionaire Gennady Timchenko, and to the Qatar Investment Authority, which collaborates with Igor Sechin's advisor, Roman Trotsenko.