More than 10 companies lick at Sergei Petrov’s Rolf


In mid-November, the Rolf group was officially put up for sale, and there are foreign companies among potential buyers.

Rolf leaves the family


The company, controlled by the family of businessman Sergei Petrov, is for sale.

Founder of Rolf Petrov put on the international wanted list


The investigation put on the international wanted list the founder of the largest Russian car dealer Rolf and member of the Forbes list, Sergey Petrov, and asks the court to arrest him in absentia. The businessman is accused of illegally taking abroad 4 billion rubles.

Russian special services investigate the dealerships of the Rolf Estate


The assessment of Rolf Estate, because of the sale of which the founder of Rolf, Sergey Petrov, was accused of bringing 4 billion rubles abroad, was ready two months before the deal. The investigation calls the transaction a fictitious, and the assessment is "repeatedly inflated."

Sergey Petrov is not going to return to Russia yet


The founder of the auto dealer Rolf, ex-State Duma deputy Sergei Petrov told RBC about the criminal case, because of which searches are conducted in the company's central office and dealerships.

In January 2017, sales of new cars fell again


However, some dealers are watching the sales and still optimistic.

The main car dealer: how Tatiana Lukovetskaya made "Rolf" the market leader


Rolf is the largest Russian car dealer as of the end of 2014 in terms of the revenue, 131.1 billion rubles, and the number of cars sold, 91 693 new cars. It is also Russia's largest company headed by a woman.