US will deprive Russia of MS-21


The ambitious project of the corporation of Sergey Chemezov may end without reaching the end.

Icebreaker "Leader" will cost a budget of 99 billion rubles


The Zvezda shipyard, which is being built near Vladivostok by Rosneft and Gazprombank, will order three such icebreakers to operate on the Northern Sea Route.

VTB and Sberbank will spend hundreds of billions of rubles of their depositors on fake icebreakers


Rosatom has signed memorandums of intent with VTB and Sberbank. To build three icebreakers of the "Leader" type, no less than 300 billion rubles will be required, and experts doubt their expediency.

Belarus plans to build gas generation at the expense of Russia


In addition to the $ 10 billion from Belorussian NPP being constructed due to state credit from VEB, Minsk plans to receive another $ 1 billion from Moscow for a "backup" gas generation at TPPs.

The supply of Rosatom in the US may be considered a threat


The US plans to reduce the supply of imported uranium to its nuclear power plants after 2019.

"Rosatom" renews pensions


The oligarch's structures were included in the AtomGarant NPF.

Sergei Kirienko and Yuri Borisov became Heroes of Russia


High ranks were appropriated to officials by a closed decree of the President of the Russian Federation for the merits unknown to anyone.

Atomflot and NOVATEK intend to build LNG icebreakers


Both companies intend to build LNG icebreakers.

Rosatom comes back to China


Rosatom has signed contracts for the supply of equipment for four new power units in China and other agreements worth more than $ 5 billion.

The shipyards will start fighting for a nuclear tanker


Shipbuilders are waiting for a large order from Atomflot.

Roskosmos and Rosatom will suspend cooperation with the West


The ban will affect new contracts, which the government did not recommend.

Rosatom has already spent all state money on the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Turkey


The Presidents of the Russian Federation and Turkey launched the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant, which will be completed in 2023. The most important thing remains, who will pay for the entire construction worth $ 22 billion.

Rosatom did not wait for Turkish investors


The deal on the sale of the stake in the Akkuyu nuclear power plant is postponed for 2019.

"Rosatom" attracted the Chinese to uranium mining in Russia


To find money inside the country to develop small deposits in the Trans-Baikal Territory, the corporation did not succeed.

Rosatom hopes for the icebreaker "Leader"


The head of the corporation, Alexei Likhachev, at a meeting with Vladimir Putin remembered the previous projects.

The Russian budget was attacked by energy vampires


Rosatom and Chubais asked for more than 1 trillion rubles to modernize the energy sector.

"Rosatom" will replace partners for the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey


Two Turkish partners withdrew from the project of Rosatom to build the first nuclear power plant in Turkey worth $ 22 billion. They can be replaced by the state company EUAS, which already participates in a similar project with Japan.

Ruthless atomic cutting


Why and why does Rosatom invest tens of billions of dollars in deliberately unprofitable projects for the construction of new nuclear power plants abroad?

Rosatom was suspected of poisoning Europe with ruthenium


The possible release of an isotope of a radioactive substance by Western media is again trying to link up with the Mayak software.

FSB stops enterprises in the regions hosting the 2018 World Cup


The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation ordered to stop industrial enterprises in the regions hosting the 2018 World Cup football matches.

Atomic crucian carp


Fish in ponds - coolers of nuclear power plants can be stuffed with tritium.

Rosatom merges revenues


Trading of natural uranium is transferred to Techsnabexport.

"Rosatom" found money for Finland


Sovkombank brothers Khotimsky will give at the NPP "Hanhikivi-1" to 500 million euros.

"Rosatom" became a hostage of the nomenclature


The general director of Rosatom, Alexei Likhachev, was not in his chair.

Rosatom to build nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan


The state corporation offers Tashkent a nuclear power plant for 2.4 GW. The construction will be financed from the Russian budget.

Rosatom corruption case in US: uncovered


On October 23, the Committee on Oversight of the House of Representatives of the US Congress began to study the deal concluded during President Obama between Rosatom's subsidiary Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ) and Canadian Uranium One. In 2009, the subsidiary received a 16.6% stake in the Canadian company entitled to extract uranium in the United States.

Vasily Boyko will improve his financial position at the expense of Rosatom


Scandalous businessman Vasily Boyko-Veliky has every chance to earn tens of millions of dollars on selling to the state a strategically important contractor for the construction of nuclear power plants.

US replaced Rosatom by Uzbekistan


Within seven years, the US will purchase raw materials worth $300 million to reduce purchases from Rosatom.