Ruthless atomic cutting


Why and why does Rosatom invest tens of billions of dollars in deliberately unprofitable projects for the construction of new nuclear power plants abroad?

Rosatom was suspected of poisoning Europe with ruthenium


The possible release of an isotope of a radioactive substance by Western media is again trying to link up with the Mayak software.

FSB stops enterprises in the regions hosting the 2018 World Cup


The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation ordered to stop industrial enterprises in the regions hosting the 2018 World Cup football matches.

Atomic crucian carp


Fish in ponds - coolers of nuclear power plants can be stuffed with tritium.

Rosatom merges revenues


Trading of natural uranium is transferred to Techsnabexport.

"Rosatom" found money for Finland


Sovkombank brothers Khotimsky will give at the NPP "Hanhikivi-1" to 500 million euros.

"Rosatom" became a hostage of the nomenclature


The general director of Rosatom, Alexei Likhachev, was not in his chair.

Rosatom to build nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan


The state corporation offers Tashkent a nuclear power plant for 2.4 GW. The construction will be financed from the Russian budget.

Rosatom corruption case in US: uncovered


On October 23, the Committee on Oversight of the House of Representatives of the US Congress began to study the deal concluded during President Obama between Rosatom's subsidiary Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ) and Canadian Uranium One. In 2009, the subsidiary received a 16.6% stake in the Canadian company entitled to extract uranium in the United States.

Vasily Boyko will improve his financial position at the expense of Rosatom


Scandalous businessman Vasily Boyko-Veliky has every chance to earn tens of millions of dollars on selling to the state a strategically important contractor for the construction of nuclear power plants.

US replaced Rosatom by Uzbekistan


Within seven years, the US will purchase raw materials worth $300 million to reduce purchases from Rosatom.

Russian Arctic programs are in jeopardy


The strategic program for the development of the North has been cut by the Russian government by 17 times. At the same time it turned out that the construction of nuclear icebreakers "Arktika", "Siberia" and "Ural" was disrupted because of technical problems that arose after the "annexation" of the subtropical Crimea.

"The Arctic" is adrift


The Federal Security Service and the Prosecutor General's Office will investigate the situation around Russia's atomic icebreaker.

Rosatom wants to catch the wind


Due to lack of customers, Rosatom intends to move forward in the market of green energy.

North column


What will bring the next purge in the camp of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Kiriyenko's nuclear legacy


Sergey Kiriyenko has been conquering the presidential administration as its first deputy head for severl weeks. The former head of "Rosatom" is obviously increasing his political weight: it is known that he will go to the Congress of All-Russia's People Front together with Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, his former subordinates are accused of fraud, and new criminal charges are initiated. 

Bulgaria will pay Rosatom more than 660 million euro


The country will fulfill the decision of arbitration court in Geneva, which ruled to compensate the rejection to construct Belene NPP to the Russian state corproration.  

Non-resource ambitions: why the Evraz president's son preferred venture investments to metals


Alexander Frolov did not follow in the footsteps of his father and preferred international start-ups and online services to Russian metals and coal. What has Frolov Jr. already achieved? 

Roskosmos to create its own insurance broker


The new entity will take care of all the security issues of enterprises of rocket and space industry.

Yenisei for the Khotins: the businessmen claim the company of the son of the head of "Rosatom"


The owners of Gorbushkin Dvor, Yuri and Alexei Khotin, can buy the Yenisei oil company for $400 million.

Sanctions will hit both Turkey and Russia


For Turkey, it is fraught with the loss of markets worth billions of dollars; for Russia, the acceleration of inflation and the decline in the economy.

Nuclear family: what businesses Sergey Kiriyenko's relatives are engaged in


Former partners, friends, and the son of Rosatom CEO make business activities in the cities and industries, connected to the career of the influential state manager. 

NYT made a connection between the uranium deal of Rosatom and the Clinton Foundation donations


Investors associated with the purchase of Uranium One by Rosatom, gave large sums to charitable Clinton Foundation at a time when Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was involved in the approval of this transaction.

We are no longer children: how the relatives of officials manage investment funds


Children of senior bureaucrats invest tens of millions of dollars in investment projects. Do their infulential parents help them?

The FBI picked up the uranium trail


The head of the subsidiary company of TENEX was detained in the US on charges of kickbacks.

Nuclear depletion


Who is responsible for the export of Russian uranium to the United States?