Victor Vekselberg plant owes billions to banks and the Federal Tax Service


The Federal Tax Service announced a debt of half a billion rubles. Unicredit and Rosbank were asked to wait until 2023.

100 million rubles flowed through banker Alexei Demyanov


The former co-owner of the Novopokrovsky Design Bureau was arrested.

Wealthy Russians save their dollars in a US bank


Citibank reported a record inflow of wealthy Russians in August and September, and this trend continued in October.

Rosbank will swallow a related Deltacredit


Assets of the united bank may exceed 1 trillion rubles.

"Magnet" attracted billions


The retailer took a large loan to expand business in the regions.

Rosbank vice president's plea bargain did not convince prosecutors


The prosecutor's office did not approve the indictment against the former Vice President of Rosbank Tamara Polyanitsyna on assistance in commercial bribery, and returned the case for further investigation.

The former head of Rosbank accused of extorting money will get 26 million rubles


The former chair of the board of Rosbank, Vladimir Golubkov, accused of extorting money, entered into a settlement agreement with his former employer and will now receive the so-called golden parachute. 

The former head of Rosbank will be sentenced through his subordinate


The bank's vice president Tamara Polyanitsyna made a plea agreement and will soon appear in court, which can later be used to convict ex-Chairman of the Board Vladimir Golubkov according to the principle of issue preclusion.