On "Roscosmos" ricocheted "Bulava"


The corporation collected a penalty for financial failures from the subsidiary. The partner of the state-owned enterprises went into bankruptcy.

Roscosmos will light up on the toilets


The state corporation "Roskosmos" has applied for registration as a trademark of the image of the International Space Station and the phrase "First in space".

Russian cosmonauts starved on the ISS


American astronauts on the International Space Station handed over several containers of food to two Russian colleagues who had run out of food.

Roscosmos is mired in criminality


22 criminal cases were initiated based on the materials of internal audits at Roscosmos. We are talking about theft, abuse and abuse of office at the enterprises of the state corporation.

Russian GLONASS became a victim of US sanctions


"Roskosmos" disrupted the program of building satellites.

German Gref could not defeat Alexey Miller in waste


State companies and regional budgets have spent more than 1.5 billion rubles to participate in the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

Yuri Chaika discovered billions of dollars of theft in Roskosmos and Rostec


More than 1.6 billion rubles were allocated back in 2018 to create the latest weapons development and modernization of the production base, as a result, these funds were stolen. According to the results of prosecutor's checks, criminal cases were initiated.

Tatyana Rogozina will unite fans around her husband


Roscosmos will protect the fan club from the attacks of critics: the spouse of the head of the corporation Dmitry Rogozin proposed to create a community in support of the organization.

Rogozin closer to the moon than to the United States


Roscosmos does not plan to sever contacts with NASA and withdraw from the joint lunar program due to the cancellation of Dmitry Rogozin’s visit to the US, explained in the state corporation. The corporation is not going to "act mirror".

Dmitry Rogozin loaded in the "Sphere"


Why the project "Sphere" will remain the fruit of the cosmic fantasies of Dmitry Rogozin.

Dmitry Rogozin upset Egypt


Roskosmos and RSC Energia have shifted the launch of the EgyptSat-A satellite by three months to the displeasure of Cairo. The previous Egyptian apparatus due to the fault of the Russian side was killed in 2015.

FSB landed Dmitry Rogozin in the British OneWeb project


Roscosmos will suffer huge losses if the FSB’s proposal on the danger of the OneWeb satellite project finds support at the government level.

Dmitry Rogozin is looking for switchmen in Roscosmos


The accident of the Soyuz rocket with the astronauts could have been caused by damage during assembly.

Russian security officers opposed the global Internet project


The FSB has become another Russian agency that has opposed the implementation of the OneWeb project, whose authors intend to provide global access to the Internet. Previously it was known about the objections of Roskomnadzor.

Commission "Roskosmos" determined the cause of the accident at the "Union"


The crash of the Soyuz-FG rocket on October 11 resulted in damage to the 6-millimeter rod of the nozzle opening sensor of the D-stage of the first stage. It happened during the assembly of the rocket at the Baikonur cosmodrome.

Roscosmos swells on management staff


A corporation that suffers permanent failures will have several more highly paid top managers.

What will be the consequences of the accident of the Russian "Union-FG"


For the first time since 1983, an accident occurred during the launch of a manned domestic spacecraft.

Space War: how the success of Elon Musk hit Roskosmos


SpaceX first made a successful re-launch of Falcon 9. Now satellite delivery could fall in price by a third. If Russia does not reduce the cost of commercial launches, it will have to withdraw from this market, warn industry experts.

Space-scale defects


Systematic defects and missile assembly errors increase the gap between Russia and the United States and China.

Meaningless absorption


Roskosmos is slow digesting the United Rocket and Space Corporation.

Major space substitution


Who and why replaced Proton-M components, which contain precious metals, at the Voronezh Mechanical Plant.

Blow under Progress


Who will get control of the Russian space.

Progress descending


Quality Director of Roscosmos, Vladimir Evdokimov, was put in jail on the very day when cargo ship Progress crashed. 

Rocket fall


Today the Russian "Progress" exploded in the night sky. According to preliminary information, the cause of the crash of yet another freight cargo space ship is the engine failure.   

Integrated space thefts


Whose fault was that Vladimir Putin had to watch the first launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome from a trench?

Space alien Vladislav Filev


Why the Russian businessman bought the floating cosmodrome "Sea Launch"?

The first launch from Vostochny was followed by the first resignation


The general director of NPO Automation Leonid Shalimov submitted resignation, without waiting for the conclusions about the cause of failure at the cosmodrome.

Why Filaret Galchev's wealth collapsed from $5.6 billion to $305 million in 1.5 years


The owner of Eurocement Group has been developing on credit all his life, despite the crisis.