The leaders of the NGO named after Lavochkin are checked on the validity of payments to lawyers


Investigators unravel the scheme of embezzlement in an NGO, in which money was withdrawn under the guise of agreements with the Tretyakov and Partners law firm. The Bureau was supposed to represent the interests of NGOs in squabbles with the parent organization, Roskosmos.

Sanitized Roskosmos Fondervicebank expect significant changes


The former base bank of the Russian cosmonautics will again receive old customers from among the enterprises of the industry due to the sanation of Roskosmos. Previously, Roskosmos has already lost 47 billion rubles in this bank.

In" Energy " and the Moscow Institute of heat engineering management changes


Management is changing in Energia and the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering.

Medvedev named the main task of Rogozin as head of Roskosmos


Dmitry Medvedev instructed former vice-premier Dmitry Rogozin to deal with the finances of the state space concern. This will be followed by "optimization" and on Russian space, which is an obsolete collective farm with phenomenal amounts of theft, it will be possible to bravely put a cross.

Khrunichev Center tries to optimize


The enterprise is planning a massive reduction of staff and "accelerated optimization."

Russian competitor Elon Musk told about reusable rockets and ISS rental


The general director of Russia's first private space company S7 Space, Sergei Sopov, explains why they need a plant for rocket engines and why they want to lease an ISS.

The Federal Tax Service beats out debts from the Sverdlovsk structure of Roskosmos


The structure of Roskosmos owes the budget 90 million rubles, according to the tax service. The company is confident that the payment of this money will put an end to his future work.

Ilyushin Aviation Complex refused to purchase a luxury car after FBK reported


The Aviation Corporation refused to purchase the Audi A8 with massage seats for its CEO Alexei Rogozin.

"Khrunichev Center" will free from the production tasks of 217 corps


As part of its "optimization", the leading space enterprise in Russia will free up to 80% of its territory in Moscow for developers. The production of Proton rockets does not even come up.

The Soyuz-5 launch vehicle went up by 8.5 billion rubles


The cost of developing a new carrier rocket Soyuz-5 for the month increased by 14% and now amounts to 61.19 billion rubles. For a year the rocket has risen in price more than twice: in the summer of 2017 "Roskosmos" reported that 30 billion rubles have been allocated for the creation.

Roskosmos is replaced by the commander and crew


Who will help Dmitry Rogozin pinpoint the state corporation, which is experiencing a real crisis.

How Putin suggested to former vice-premiers posts in VEB and Roskosmos


The former deputy prime minister agreed to head Roskosmos at the suggestion of the president and promised the head of state "to justify his trust." To another outgoing deputy prime minister, Igor Shuvalov, Putin offered to become the head of Vnesheconombank.

Roskosmos sniffs "Ether"


The daughter of the corporation - Russian Space Systems - plans by 2025 to create a global satellite network "Efir" for 299 billion rubles. Users of the network will be able to make phone calls and access to the Internet segment that is not open by Roskomnadzor. Most likely, the Russian corporation as always does not work.

Roskosmos again kicked out of the presidential administration


Assistant Vladimir Putin Andrei Belousov criticized the "Roskosmos" for lagging behind the Ilona Mask.

The Accounts Chamber found violations in the defense and space industries of 1.3 trillion rubles


The amount of violations when spending budget funds doubled in 2017, the Accounting Chamber reported. The strengthening of audit and uncertainty in the pre-election year are affecting, say experts

Roskosmos will repair the scrapped Fonservisbank


Since 2015, Novikombank was involved in this, but had no success. Roskosmos has already lost 47 billion rubles in this bank.

Why does Russia build an extra-heavy rocket again


Why does Russia need such a missile and can it really compete with Falcon Heavy Ilona Mask?

Holes in space are plugged by the Moscow earth


The Khrunichev Center again needed financial support.

The GLONASS system crumbled


For a week the second satellite of the Russian global positioning system failed. Now in orbit there are only 22 operating vehicles with a minimum of 24 satellites.

The construction of space satellites in Russia has turned into a completely unprofitable business


Creation of a new Angolan satellite in exchange for the lost AngoSat-1 in orbit will cost RKK Energia $ 130 million. Another $ 200 million will be worth the free production of an analogue lost in orbit through the fault of the Russian manufacturer of the Egyptian satellite EgyptSat.

Roskosmos and Rosatom will suspend cooperation with the West


The ban will affect new contracts, which the government did not recommend.

Penny chips for GLONASS led to multi-million dollar business


Suspects of fraud are not yet available.

Space Conflictology


The White House will deal with the dispute between the state Roskosmos and private Dauria Aerospace.

S7 Space was trapped with missiles for the "Sea Launch"


RSC Energia can not provide Vladislav Filev with cheap and reliable Soyuz-5 missiles. Therefore, launch will have Ukrainian missiles "Zenith", which will be purchased from the Ukrainian "Yuzhmash". The only problem is that these missiles do not exist yet.

Why Roscosmos will never launch its analog Falcon Heavy


Dmitry Panov, director general of NPO Technomash, who is a part of Roskosmos, explained this by the difference in goals between Russia and billionaire Ilon Mask.

Russia loses monopoly on manned spaceflight


The termination of the monopoly of the corporation for manned flights to RSC Energia is awaited after the commissioning of American spacecraft Starliner and Crew Dragon.

In the center of Khrunichev rushed the lender


For the lands of the enterprise, the struggle unfolded, VEB became one of the main contenders.

From the spaceport Vostochny launched the third in its history rocket


From the spaceport Vostochny in the Amur region launched the third in its history rocket. Among the eleven spacecraft being launched into the near-Earth orbit, there are nine foreign satellites. The launch is insured for more than 10 billion rubles.